I was born at Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. and moved to Canada as a teenager. Following a career in business, I became interested in family history. My wife, Denisé, and I live at Burlington, Ontario, Canada where I spend my time researching my family, photography, writing and graphite pencil drawing.

For those family researchers out there, here is a .pdf file of my ancestors.

You may contact me at cycroft [at] Gmail [dot] com (This email address is not to be used for unsolicited commercial messages of any kind).

Hakuna matata,

Russell (Russ) G. R. Campbell, CGA, CPA Burlington, ON, Canada

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These narratives and the appended family trees could not have been possible without the contributions of several persons. Most notable among them are my sister and brother-in-law, Diane and Vernon Vaz, and my cousins Rosie Corrigan and Jennifer Godfrey, who share my interest in family history. Fellow family researchers Cheryl Pinto, Angela du Quesnay Garcia, Dorothy Kew and Madeleine Mitchell also made valuable contributions.

Special thanks also to another cousin, Donna Campbell Kenny, for generously allowing me to use material from her book, A Journey Through Time in Jamaica: The Story of AC Campbell & His Ancestors, Markham, Ontario, Canada: Stewart Pub. & Printing, 2003. Print.; (ISBN-10: 189418341X – ISBN-13: 978-1894183413).

I am indebted to all of you. Thank you for your generosity.



My dear wife Denisé Ann

My son David and his wife Michelle
My son Anthony and his wife Jeanette

My grandsons Brent and Aidan
My great-grandson Kai William Finlay


My grand-daughters
Melissa, Danielle and Sarah

Persevere, Success is a journey
not a destination

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