Friday, August 19, 2016

Canada is back and so is Russ-Campbell’s Blog

It has been well over half a year since I last gave my “point of view on political and social issues.” I do hope, however, that a few of my former readers are still around and have enough patience left to put up with a few more of my rants and raves.

Shortly before my hiatus, we were beginning to fear that Donald Trump might actually win the Republican nomination and that Americans would face the choice of electing him as president or choosing Hillary Clinton as their first ever female commander-in-chief. Some choice!

Too often Mr. Trump displays unnerving tendencies that suggest a temperament unsuited for the office he seeks. And, as for Ms. Clinton, has there ever been a candidate for the U.S. presidency so obviously bought and owned by powerful special interests? Well, actually, I think several were, but that is not a good thing. Michael Gerson, in an opinion piece in the The Washington Post, referred to this as, “A choice between the uninspiring and the unfit.” Wow, eh? And this for choosing the most powerful elected official on the planet. Enough said.

On our side of the border, we got a whole new government replete with dozens of high-minded (expensive, excessive) promises, for which we’ll be borrowing billions to finance, all wrapped in the pompous, what-the-hell-does-it-even-mean, banner: Canada is back.

Well, the Liberals are certainly back with their run-away budget deficits, Trudeau photo ops, kowtowing to the Russians and Chinese on the international stage, broken promises and an agenda apparently founded on the dual principles of:

  • if the Conservatives planned or implemented it, it’s bad and must be reversed; and,
  • if it sells well at the United Nations, Canadians will have to like it or lump it.

By the way, the Grits call this “evidence-based decision-making” or some such euphemism for decisions based on progressive ideology and petty vindictiveness.

But, so far at least, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team seem to have carried it off beautifully—judging from the opinion surveys I see. Although, it has to be said that the veil does seem to be dropping from the eyes of some progressives. I’m seeing criticism—some quite pointed—sneaking into commentary at places that are well known as hang-outs for Trudeau-cheerleaders. But more on that later.

And how about the Green Party of Canada’s adoption of a resolution officially supporting sanctions against Israel through the so-called Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement or BDS.

I can think of, at least, a dozen undemocratic countries, which are guilty of generations of human rights abuses, and who have a history of treating their citizens atrociously—even, sometimes, invading their neighbours. Yet these countries, apparently, have gone unnoticed by the Green party’s members even though they are far more deserving of disapproval. Those countries are not predominantly Jewish, though, so I guess they get a pass.

To her credit, Green party leader Elizabeth May made it clear she does not support BDS. I can see Ms. May crossing the floor to the governing Grits before the next federal election.

Meanwhile, Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne keeps trucking along implementing one economy-sapping program after another. Poor Ontario, we were once the proud economic engine of Canada.

Hard on the heels of spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on a provincial pension that will never be implemented, our premier will now implement a cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gases that will cost every household several extra bucks a month—this on top of already overly-onerous energy bills.

According to a recent public opinion poll by Forum Research, the majority (56%) of Ontario voters disapprove of the plan, while a bit more than a quarter approve (28%). Apparently, about 16 per cent did not express an opinion.

Kathleen Wynne knows what’s best for us, of course, so we had better just shut up and pay up. I wonder what’s next.


  1. This is my second comment. The last one didn't publish. Nice to see you back. What you will likely find is that there are few commenters these days. Blogging has jumped the shark it seems, what with social media. Take care.

  2. Oh yes, and the Ontario PC situation is desperate. Yes, it is ahead of the Liberals at the moment in the polls. But, Patrick Brown believes in AGW!! Meaning, the PCs will lose again in '18 because they are no different than the other two parties. Sigh.