Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rob Ford’s illness only makes Toronto city council elections more bizarre

The campaign to elect the City of Toronto’s next mayor got even more bizarre as Rob Ford withdraws from the race because of ill-health.

Ford isn’t the most popular politician these days, but those who have wished he’d drop out of the race and leave the centre-right vote undivided are now wishing him a short hospital stay and speedy recovery. And I don’t believe either John Tory or Olivia Chow would have wanted to see Ford’s illness benefit their campaigns.

That having been said, the general wish by about 65 per cent of Toronto voters to be rid of Rob Ford and his antics once and for all will only be realized partially. After removing his name from the mayoral ballot, Ford promptly registered to run for city council in Ward 2, and the mayor’s brother, Doug Ford, has taken the mayor’s place in the mayoral contest.

Yes, folks, the same Doug Ford who had decided to give up municipal politics and had not registered to run in the Oct. 27 election.

According to media reports, Doug Ford had the third-worst council attendance this past term,  and he has missed over half the votes taken in 2014. This gives, I believe, a pretty good indication of his lack of commitment to local politics and supports his past comments that he is more interested in provincial office.

So does the circus that is Toronto city council threaten to dominate GTA politics for another four years? Well, polls suggest Rob Ford can win the Ward 2 seat and Doug Ford is shown to have 34 per cent support as mayor—good enough for second place ahead of Olivia Chow—according to a poll taken by Forum Research on Friday. So don’t bet on seeing the last of the Fords anytime soon.

Perish the thought.


  1. John Tory will win. A lot of the Rob Ford vote was a protest that won't transfer to his brother. Chow has self destructed and voters know she would be a horrid, wild spending, high taxing mayor. Best wishes to Rob. Apart from the "antics" he was pretty good at protecting taxpayer dollars.

  2. I think John Tory is secretly ELATED that Ford's illness is benefiting his campaign. I am very very very worried about the future of this city, and I don't think Tory would be a much better mayor than Rob or Doug Ford. Does Tory really have any ideas that will benefit this city? I have to say though, it is fun to see Olivia Chow go down in flames.

    1. To say, "I think John Tory is secretly ELATED that Ford's illness is benefiting his campaign," is an awful thing to say without providing a scrap of evidence to support something so slanderous. You should be ashamed of such unfair commentary.

    2. Were you aware that when news of Rob Ford's illness came out, John Tory just kept trying to score political points at his expense? http://www.torontosun.com/2014/09/16/mayor-rob-ford-working-from-hospital-bed

      Furthermore, were you also aware that Tory was good friends with the Ford family, and before the 2010 election, said Doug Ford was "a smart, button-down, no-nonsense businessperson. He’s less of a personality than Rob, but if you were looking for a better-run government, Doug Ford is certainly the kind of person you would want."?

      Please, let's stop kidding ourselves about what a wonderful upstanding person John Tory is. He's always been a political opportunist (and not even a successful one) and is certainly no stranger to dirty politics. Remember the Chretien face ads in 1993?

    3. Still don't see ANY evidence that "John Tory is secretly ELATED that Ford's illness is benefiting his campaign." Don't obfuscate with this other stuff. Provide some scrap of evidence to support your slander of John Tory.