Monday, June 9, 2014

What does it take to rid ourselves of an inept, corrupt Liberal government?

I just don’t get it: the bad behaviour of the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals has attracted an on-going criminal investigation by the OPP; allegations of corruption at Ornge air ambulance service in a report from a legislative committee and, just today, news of a lawsuit seeking $653-million under NAFTA, alleging the Grits’ manipulated Green Energy Act rules to benefit Liberal-connected firms.

Should the Liberal government lose this lawsuit, damages and costs awarded could well lead to a $1-billion hit to the province’s already over-burdened finances. And, readers will remember, last Thursday, the Toronto Star reported what looks a lot like another Liberal scandal about to break wide open.

That, of course, is the Star’s report as follows:

Ontario’s auditor general is investigating provincial government loans to MaRS, but says the probe was planned before the $317 million bailout erupted into an election issue last week.”

According to one media report, the Grits face an additional $160-million for renovations and “operating shortfalls” related to this MaRS deal. By the time this shakes out, taxpayers will have shelled out $500-million or more.

Kathleen Wynne says, once her party is re-elected, she’ll table her May 1st socialist-style budget—Wynne herself calls it “the most progressive budget in decades.” This is quite a claim considering the spending spree the Grits have been on for the last decade.

Credit rating services like Moody’s, of course, don’t like the May 1st budget and have said as much in published warnings. And, considering a downgrade in credit rating could cost the province billions of dollars and severely handicap Ontario’s ability to deliver priority services, Wynne will be under pressure to make serious changes.

Could she really be that far out of touch with how the economy works? I suppose she could, and Charles Sousa’s no finance manager—he’s strictly a marketing guy—so it’s really a case of the economically blind leading the economically blind.

The proposed budget may have been meant as an election platform only—how many election promises do you remember the Grits keeping. In the 2011 general election campaign, the Grits promised a 10 per cent subsidy to lower runaway electricity bills? Well, they kept that promise, but only for a couple of years—they plan to end the subsidy if re-elected.

Examples of Liberal broken promises, mismanagement and corruption are too numerous to mention here, but for those interested, here is a link that details 50 of them.

Yet, the best the rascals offer is what we’ll call, the Mulcair Defence. That is: I may be guilty of bad behaviour, but that’s OK for others are guilty too. An odd moral defence, some might say, but  one, nevertheless, that Thomas Mulcair and progressives in general seem to favour.

Still, though, the Ontario Grits lead or are tied in most polls. Like an unwanted piece of discarded chewing gum, these politicians stick to our proverbial heels and stubbornly resist all efforts to scrape them off.


  1. I never understood how people never think to keep the wrapper for their used gum, since its the perfect means of discarding it without leaving a sticky mess for someone else...

    In other words, "send them back to whence they came!

  2. It's too bad Hudak is so weak. This thing is winnable for the Conservatives but Hudak is so lame.

  3. we will have to rid ourselves of an inept, ignorant electorate before we will be able to get rid of inept, corrupt politicians.

  4. Voters are idiots.

  5. Hudak is not weak, troll. Nice try, infil. He makes awkward gaffs but actually addresses the issues. Who could you possibly be waiting out for, or trying to compare him to?
    There is no one else coming after this. Depending on how this election turns out, it could be the end of Ontario. Same for Toronto, John "Red" Tory is [trojan] dark horse canidate to ensure Maochow gets in over the STILL electable Rob Ford!

    Here in Windsor were supposedly are going to have an NDP sweep... this is "according to the polls", which have essentially made our mind up for us, by placing 15-25 thousand voters above the 50+thousand more who are still eligible to vote.

    Which is not inspiring to the business owners who are having to pack up shop. Why stick around to service customers who support your financial ruin more than they can afford to buy your goods.

    In light of this, our mayor has wrongly suggested we vote in the best interests of our city for what the polls say are the one winning Liberal candidate... only that would hinder a PC minority were a handful of votes sway the balance. And would Hurt all of Ontario more than it would help Windsor.
    The Sobe's and food basics would just relocate to another province or State.