Monday, June 2, 2014

Toronto Star makes disgusting reference to PC policy

The Toronto Star seldom misses an opportunity to disparage the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, but yesterday’s editorial columnist Haroon Siddiqui goes well beyond the pale by comparing the PC jobs plan with the Vietnam War’s My Lai Massacre.

This is—even for the Star—a shameful analogy and not worthy of this newspaper or a writer who is a member of the Order of Canada. If this person has a shred of decency, he’ll offer a quick apology for this twisted comparison.

The My Lai Massacre occurred during the Vietnam War when between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians were murdered. It was one of the most a dreadful, shameful events in United States Military history. “Victims included men, women, children, and infants. Some of the women were gang-raped and their bodies mutilated.” [Wikipedia]

What a strange, warped mind this writer must have to juxtapose that mass-murder with the PC plan to reduce the larger civil service by 100,000 jobs through normal attrition, outsourcing and lay-offs.

Of course, in his poison-pen like diatribe, Siddiqui uses language like, “Kill 100,000 jobs in the public sector to create 1 million new jobs [Italics mine].”

PC leader Tim Hudak has not promised to “kill” anything or anyone, at least, not that I’ve heard.

The rest of Siddiqui’s editorial is a hodgepodge of half-truth hatchet jobs on the opposition and shameful whitewashing of Kathleen Wynne’s roll and responsibility vis-à-vis the Liberal record of mismanagement and behaviour that is currently under police investigation.

The man has no shame. He even raises Wynne’s homosexuality in an oblique, gratuitous fashion, to what end, the reader is left to ponder.

Worst piece of political writing I’ve seen in years—it has the fetid odour of intellectual dishonesty and should have been printed on yellow paper.


  1. The increased shrillness of Wynne's attacks plus the comments by eggers on like TorStar and The Citizen, lead me to believe internal polling is not presenting a rosy future for the Liberal team. I take a somewhat positive view of this outrageous journalism for that simple reason.

  2. Toronto Star...'nuff said

  3. I hope you are right, Martin. These filthy,corrupt POS have got to go NOW, if the beautiful province of Ontario is ever to see the (fiscal) light of day!

  4. How is it then that the Liberals are leading the Tories in the polls? I can hardly believe what I am reading. At this point, one would have to be a moron would vote Liberal in this election - I would really like to think the electorate is not that stupid.

  5. It isn't difficult to understand why so many are voting Liberal. They have been promised eternal wealth in the form of DB pensions. There are currently upward of 14,000 public sector retirees earning over $100,000 a year in pensions in Ontario. That's 1.4 BILLION minimum annually for just this group and it doesn't include additional benefits like health care. Because of the sunshine list many in the public sector claim more in bonuses and other income supplements on their T4a than they do on their T4 to stay off of the sunshine list so the number is much higher. Like Peter Mansbridge who claims to earn $80,000. per year when it's actually more like $500,000. These pensions are indexed. While your retirement savings go down, theirs continues to go up! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Hudak has promised to honor existing contracts and only make changes to new contracts but they don't trust that he will do that. The majority of the public still don't understand DBs so just imagine what happens when they do. Younger employees, even in the public sector can't be promised these benefits so they sure aren't going to agree to keep topping up the pensions of their elders rather than taking care of their own. They are going to be in the same boat as the rest of us in the private sector only they will still at least be getting a match to their contributions from the tax payer so they'll have a nice retirement nest egg. Yup, the red and white signs on the lawns right now should just say UNION because they are the only group with anything to gain with current policy though even the security of their promised benefits is questionable because they made them so rich and they are totally unfair, unrealistic and unsustainable.