Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gaffe prone NDP MP says Tories and Grits ganging up on NDP in Ontario election

The House of Commons will recess for the summer in a couple of weeks, so I guess members are in a sort of silly season.

This might help explain the bizarre accusation made by New Democratic MP Pat Martin regarding allegations that the NDP used taxpayer money for their party’s mailings to voters, and they staffed an NDP office in Montreal with aides who were on the Commons payroll in Ottawa, both of which broke Commons rules. (See earlier post.)

Martin (Winnipeg Centre) reportedly said that the federal Conservatives and the Liberals are “ganging up on the NDP,” implying they are doing so to influence the Ontario general election.

Yes, the Conservatives and Liberals, bitter political enemies for decades, have conspired to “hurt our [Ontario NDP] support.” Does bizarre even begin to describe this nonsense?

Martin, of course, is better known for his defamation lawsuit over the 2011 robocalls case and for his use of obscenities on social media.

Pat Martin had to apologize to CEO Matt Meier and his Edmonton telemarketing company, RackNine Inc., for “wrongfully accusing them of being part of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud.” The cost of fighting the defamation suit they brought against him along with the payment of whatever the settlement was were high enough that Martin launched a trust fund to try and raise money to pay the legal bills.

Nice guy, eh? He makes the gaffe, but others pay the cost. Reminds me of Michael Wright paying $90,000 of Senator Mike Duffy’s disputed expenses. Martin’s costs, though, were likely much higher than that.

Then there was Martin’s anti-Tory outburst on Twitter in late 2012 when he called the federal Tories “rat faced whores” and, in an apparent fit of pique, attacked former Public Safety Minister Vic Toews personally for Martin not being invited to an announcement in his riding of an infrastructure project.

Martin, reportedly, also wrote “fuck you” to a Conservative supporter who challenged him over Twitter. Moreover, about a year earlier the MP told a citizen“fuck you” after the citizen sent him a (not profane) Tweet.

So this is the sort of fellow that the Dippers send out to defend them after they’ve been caught with both hands in the pork barrel?

Bozo-eruption, anyone?

Apart from Pat Martin’s fanciful allegations of a Conservative-Liberal conspiracy, the NDP’s main defence seems to be: We’re only doing what other parties do. An ethics-based defence NDP-style no doubt.


  1. Pat Martin gets away with it and luckily for him, his previous boss (leader) Jack Layton alongside Duceppe signed a coalition agreement with liberal Stefane Dion. An agreement signed by all of their mps . It is obvious that they are all heavily protected by the MSM. which makes Pat Martin's gaffes insults very safe with them from public's view.
    BTW Russ, take a peek at this:

    June 5, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    Nobody’s a Critic

    Who holds journalists to account in Canada?

    By Jesse Brown · Illustration by Jason Logan

    From the June 2014 magazine

    h/t twitter bill brasky

  2. Nigel Wright, not Michael.

    1. Thanks for the correction, Anon 12:47 :-)

  3. Pat Martin. Enough said.