Sunday, June 1, 2014

Desmond Tutu slags off Alberta oilsands

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu called Alberta’s oilsands “filth” while speaking at a conference in Fort McMurray, Alta. on Saturday.

The Archbishop, according to media reports, also called for a boycott of fossil fuel companies, and said he stands in solidarity with communities that are opposed to oilsands pipeline projects, such as Keystone XL, Northern Gateway and Energy East.

Contrary to what one might expect, Tutu did not arrive in Canada by sailing ship. Nor did he travel to Alberta by wagon train. Moreover, once he had arrived at Fort McMurray, he was not shepherded around by horse and buggy.

In fact, Tutu arrived by jet from Africa and, apparently, toured the oil sands by helicopter, both of which are fuelled by carbon-based products. Shame on him.

As correctly pointed out by Davis Sheremata, a spokesperson for TransCanada, in an email to The Canadian Press:

Without oil, we wouldn’t have fertilizers to grow our food, plastics for surgical tape and heart valves, and gasoline to start the more than 250 million cars in North America every morning.”

Perhaps the South African believes there is something especially evil about Canadian carbon products. The oil products he and his countrymen consume are, apparently, OK. It’s just ours to which he objects.

In 2011, Alberta oil sands green house gas emissions amounted to less than 0.15 per cent of global emissions, yet Tutu found the time—and too much gall for my liking—to lecture Canadians about the “negligence and greed” of our bitumen production.

Pretty cheeky stuff, eh?


  1. Maybe when he is in the neighbourhood, the Bishop can slip down to Hazard KY and lecture the coal miners there about the moral imperative of getting off coal fired electricity generation. I doubt if the citizens there would be as accomodating as Canada. No foreign spokesman is too outrageous that our national media won't supply him with a pulpit to trash our energy resources policies. Other countries are not so welcoming.

  2. And why all of a sudden is he here .Has SA got a supply of oil to sell.Or maybe I guess he wants his funding cut off.Who paid for this.And where was he and why was he here???Who paid for him to come here?Lastly who really cares,he is another nobody who thinks he is somebody.BORING

  3. The 'Good' Bishop should spend a bit more time speaking to the corruption and greed in his own back yard before coming here to criticize us. South Africa and Zimbabwe are disasters of monumental proportions and the destruction and filth of their environment desperately needs to be controlled.

  4. The South African Anglican Archbishop is in Fort McMurray for a two-day conference on aboriginal rights and climate change. The conference has been organized by the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Toronto-based law firm Olthuis Kleer Townshend.

    Guess who is the senior partner of the Law Firm? Liberal Bob Rae. You would not find this piece 'Bob Rae' in the website. Imagine that, A Lw Firm bae in a HAVE-NOT AND DEEP IN DEBT PROVINCE, has the audacity to bring in someone from outside of Canada to bash the very economy which feeds rhis nation and giving billions of dollars to Ontario. If I was one of his clients and had been investments in the oilsands, so help me, I would pull my business from his 'ANTI-OILSANDS' PROPAGANDA LAW FIRM. and give it to another LAW FIRM that is for Canada and not against Canada. check out bc blue who has photos of the supposed law firm.

    1. Thanks for the info! Interesting...