Friday, May 2, 2014

Wynne’s offer to NDP: A budget too far?

Ontario’s premier Kathleen Wynne made an offer to NDP leader Andrea Horwath that was, even for the socialists, too much to stomach. Or so it seems to me.

Horwath broke with tradition Thursday afternoon by not doing interviews immediately after the budget speech, deciding instead to hold a news conference on Friday. As a consequence, Horwath said this morning that she’ll not support the Liberals’ budget. It seems, therefore, Ontarians will be going to the polls in June. Horwath explained,

I have lost confidence in Kathleen Wynne and her ability to deliver. I cannot in good conscience support a government that people don’t trust anymore.

“This budget is not a solid plan for the future. It’s a mad dash to escape the scandals. It's time for change. We do not support this government any longer.”

It is obvious that the Grits’ track record came into play when Andrea Horwath was making her decision. She told reporters that she was tired of Wynne’s broken promises, and she named three unfulfilled promises from the last Liberal budget:  Seniors home care, auto insurance rates above the promised level and no financial accountability office as promised.

How can Kathleen Wynne promise to build a ship when she hasn’t even built a raft. We don’t have any confidence whatsoever in their ability to come through on those promises.”

Horwath also listed the series of Liberal government scandals, including the Ornge air ambulance and gas plants scandals as among her reasons for abandoning the Liberals whose previous budgets she had supported.

One question remains: With the Liberal government faced with losing a confidence vote over the budget, will Wynne—rather than waiting for a vote in the legislature—ask the  lieutenant governor to dissolve the legislature and call a general election? We should have this answered by the end of today.

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  1. It looks like there will be an election. Hopefully we get a PC majority, but if recent elections have taught us anything polls are not always right as well as you have a lot of on the fence voters so anything is possible. I truly fear for our province if the Liberals get back in and I am saying this as someone who has voted Liberal federally (Chretien at least showed fiscal responsibility Wynne doesn't) in the past, although I won't be voting for Trudeau who is only leader because of his famous last name and good looks. I am though normally a Conservative voter and only have voted Liberal on a few occasions.