Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hypocrisy goeth before the fall?

The hypocrisy of the Dippers seems to know no bounds. Hard on the heals of stories from Ottawa about questionable practices of Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrats, we see a disturbing report on the Sun News Network’s website about Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s practice of charging taxpayers for her snacks and even a 25-cent Oshawa parking tab.

Bear in mind this is the same Andrea Horwath who has made CEOs and consultants working for public agencies targets for her barbs following reports that they charged taxpayers for their snacks such as tea or coffee.

Based on Freedom of Information documents obtained by the Ontario Liberals, Sun News reports that, “In the period from January 2011 to December 2013, Horwath and two assistants made well over 100 food claims as she travelled the province.”

The claims, apparently, include items from Tim Hortons such as lunch combos and snacks like muffins and bagels. Not all the chits reimbursed were trivial, though. Some show these folks ate very well at times. Taxpayers, reportedly, had to cover more than 60 receipts for seafood—calamari, mussels, perch, pickerel, salmon, shrimp, trout, sea scallops and lobster bisque.

Do they eat this well at home, I wonder, or only when it’s other people’s money? Ordinary Canadians, of course, buy their own snacks and lunches or pack a brownbag and thermos when they head off to work.

Not the preachy Dippers, though, their leader and big shot party operatives have their needs met at taxpayers’ expense, and to hell with the average Joe who is struggling to pay government-mandated taxes, hydro bills and all the various tolls and fees that fatten up their paycheques and expense accounts.

Sun News quotes the NDP leader as saying in a published report last September:

We’ve seen the same kind of scandals with eHealth, the exact same kind of scandal with the Ornge air ambulance, where these folks at the very top are expensing not only things like coffee and tea and muffins, but trips all over the world.”

“Just a few days before she made the statement,” says the Sun News report, “Horwath and her assistant expensed a tea and coffee in Windsor, the documents revealed.”

I guess Andrea Horwath’s philosophy is, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Or perhaps it’s, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

In either case it’s hypocrisy and its shabby behaviour quite unbecoming of a party who purports to be so high-minded.


  1. we need to keep Ontarians informed this is fromJoanne's twitter and it is eye opening

    1. Not sure what this has to do with Russ's post fh.


  2. Thanks for that link fh, I just put it in a comment re my latest post. I just wish the Prosperity Institute had put the exact numbers.

  3. Lots of figures in that Fraser Institute report if you scroll down, Sandy. It's scary stuff.

  4. Good post Russ! Funny how contrite Ms. Horwath was when questioned about this and how quick she was to blow it off. That's what's likely to happen you our taxdollars if the NDP EVER get back in to government.