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Monday, April 28, 2014

You’ve heard of voter suppression, how about news suppression?

Even after Elections Canada and former Supreme Court Justice made definitive, unambiguous statements pretty much putting the so-called “robocall scandal” to bed, The Huffington Post, and especially Althia Raj, are still banging on about that faux scandal.

Here’s the opening paragraph of a recent Althia Raj story on the subject:

Michael Sona, the only person charged in the robocall scandal, says the federal government’s Fair Elections Act does not go far enough to stop fraudulent calls or to empower investigators.”

“[T]he only person charged in the robocall scandal….” Really? The only one? So was the CBC telling us a porky—as the English like to say—when it wrote on August 24, 2012 the following?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has found the Liberal riding association in Guelph, Ont. guilty of violating the Telecommunications Act for its use of an automated robocall in the last federal election.

“The phone message from a fictitious woman told voters that Conservative candidate Marty Burke opposed abortion but failed to inform people that the call was from the local campaign of Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote.”

I’ll accept the CBC’s Aug. 2012 story as factual, leaving Raj’s story as, at best, misleading. If you are insisting on banging on about a story that’s past its best-before date then, at least, give an accurate background, which means sometimes having to include inconvenient facts.

Mind you, that would involve, in this case at least, the intimation that the Liberal party is not perfect—and Raj couldn’t allow that, could she?

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  1. Here's another example -- Paul Dewar during the NDP leadership campaign.

  2. Raj is "technically" right because the Liberal guilty in Guelph and Dewar weren't EC investigations. Regardless, it is suppression of the problem with robocalls.

    1. Dewar's case was a different campaign and different timing. Guelph, though, was at the epicentre of the robocall faux-scandal and begged to be mentioned in such an article, i.e., two different jurisdictions investigating the same general issue.

  3. Your're kdding right? A Consevrative complaining about news suppression. 5 question Harper and "you didn't ask the right question" Rob Ford are the masters of suppressing news about their respective offices.

    1. Anon 10:55 PM, You're using the old schoolyard argument: Two wrongs make a right. Very deep thinking on your part.

    2. You're a proud Conservative. You are the "base" that Harper relies on to perpetuate his media suppression. You come off as a hypocrite.

    3. To be accurate, Anon 9:15 AM, I'm a conservative (small "c") and am not a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

      As to Harper suppressing media. How so? Every day millions of words, often criticism, are written about his government. Doesn't look much like suppression to me.

    4. The only person who comes off as a hypocrite Russ is Anonymous. He or she won't even give their real name.

      Perpetuate the PMs media suppression? What a joke? Obviously anonymous hasn't a clue what it means to be a political blogger. No one tells us what to write. In fact, I have tried to get information via email from the Conservative Party and only ever got a form letter. LOL

      The reality is that Mr. Harper and the Conservative caucus are not responsible for what the media do or say or don't do or say. They most certainly do not suppress any news because they don't control the media and more than they control us.

      I often get accused of being the mouth piece of the"base" as well, even though I am not a member of the CPC and only ever donated once back in 2006.

      We are independent bloggers, not journalists and we both write about what we want to write about. And, I appreciate your professionalism!!!

    5. Thanks for your comment, Sandy. I was going to answer Anon's most recent post, but decided not to waste the effort on someone who hides behind anonymity. It's a bit like arguing with my office door, isn't it?

  4. He threw out the long form census, he muzzled scientists and he limits questions to 5, if he answers questions at all. There is no doubt people write about HArper. That is an avoidance tactic by you. The question is how much access to information does HArper suppress and how open is he to providing information to the media. He avoids official investigations over the in and out scandal and Nigel Wright. On that front, Harper suppresses information to Canadians.