Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trudeau running away from his own words about plight of middle class

The Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau raised the economic plight of Canada’s middle class to national attention without being prodded to do so.

Now—after struggling to define who it is he’s worried about—Trudeau refuses to explain himself in light of an international study that contradicts his claims.

Let’s face it: Sun News treats Trudeau pretty shabbily at times. But he’s supposed to be a big boy—after all, he is leader of a national political party and should be able to take as good as he gives.

Wasn’t it Trudeau who called a Conservative minister a “piece of shit?” Politics doesn’t get much dirtier than that.

Yet here we have the head Grit snubbing a member of the media, Sun News, who’s asking a pretty straight forward question, presumably because he doesn’t like how her organization treats him. I haven’t seen him treat media people from CBC or CTV or Global as rudely.

Trudeau has made it clear that he believes members of the Canadian middle class are in poor economic shape and need him to champion them. A recent New York Times study, however, found that Canada has the richest middle class in the world, even surpassing those in the United States, the richest country in the world. So why would the middle class need Trudeau’s help, when they seem to be doing quite well under a Conservative administration?

Is it not reasonable, therefore, that members of the media should ask Trudeau to explain what he makes of the difference between his perception of the middle class and the findings of the study? Moreover, is it not reasonable for Trudeau to stop acting like a spoiled brat and to answer the question?

The video is courtesy of Sun News Network. Enjoy.


  1. trudeau brought this on himself russ and it's about time we had a news media that stood up for the regular person. unlike CBC where Consrvatives are always defending it's nice to see sunnews keep the lefties in this country accountable.

  2. Shabbily? Maybe.
    As opposed to out right rude from Trudeau?
    SunNews seem to be the only organization willing to question him about his inconsistent sound bytes.
    They bring questions...CBC, CTV et al bring knee pads.

  3. This video must bring joy to the hearts of CPC campaign team, and cause nightmares for the LPC. Hard to tell what is gong on here, but what middle class 42 year old Canadian male has time to go skate boarding? The board doesn't appear to have any wheels?
    Better for Jr had he stopped to explain the reporters questions, rather than have others fill in the narrative. Too late for that now but it just shows how vulnerable he is away from his handlers. And this guy thinks he can be PM?