Friday, April 4, 2014

Pauline Marois buries the lead

Talk about burying the lead. Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois has been in a hard-fought election campaign since March 5 and she’s kept secret her government’s intention to cut both business and individuals’ income taxes after the province balances its budget. What self discipline!

Amazing as this sounds, with only a few days left in the campaign, she told the Montreal Board of Trade’s Michel Leblanc that a re-elected PQ government would cut business taxes. Then later she told reporters her promise would also extend to individual taxpayers.

Apparently, Marois said she waited until Day 30 of the campaign to mention the commitment because “Not a lot of people asked me [about tax cuts]. The board of trade asked me the question.”

Lucky voters, eh? Imagine, if the question had not been asked during the campaign, Quebecers would have gone to the polls on Apr. 7 oblivious of the good news.

Apparently, the tax cut plans are so secret, even Marois is unable to provide details about them, but does allow, “The middle-class is heavily taxed. We know that, and we want to alleviate some of that burden.” For the sake of Quebecers, I hope she knows who the middle-class is—unlike the unfortunate federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who has had trouble pinning down just who belongs to that popular group.

I was so surprised that the PQ would not have led off their campaign with their promise of a tax cut that, when the announcement came on Day 30, I double-checked my calendar to see if it was April Fool’s Day.

According to the National Post:

Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard, dismissed her [Marois’] pledge as a political play.

“‘The last time I heard Madame Marois talk about taxes was when she scared everyone with retroactive tax hikes after they formed a government,’ Couillard told a gathering in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, south of Montreal. ‘Is there anyone here who believes her?,’ the Liberal leader asked.

“The response from the partisan crowd was a collective:’No’.”

Politicians do struggle with the truth, don’t they?

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