Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Ottawa power couple bites the dust?

The Adams-Soudas affair has become rather tawdry. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the Guergis-Jaffer episode, which the Ottawa media turned into a similar soap opera in 2010.

Helena Guergis’s political career ended badly when she lost her job as minister for status of women and her place in the Conservative caucus in April 2010—she went on to a third-place loss as an independent in her riding of Simcoe-Grey in the next election.

A similar fate may await Conservative MP Eve Adams (Mississauga–Brampton South). Her fiancé is well-known, well-connected Conservative party insider, Dimitri Soudas, who, apparently, was forced to resign as the executive director of the party following allegations that he interfered with Adams’s nomination battle for the new riding of Oakville North-Burlington.

Adams reportedly has decided to run in the new riding because she’s moved within its boundaries and sees it as a safer seat than her own. Her tactics have apparently not impressed the local riding association, though, and the riding association’s president Mark Fedak wrote a letter to Prime Minister Harper complaining about Adams’s actions, which he claims negatively impacted the internal workings of the riding association and “are beginning to take a toll on the brand of the party.”

These, I am sure, are not the sort of allegations any prime minister wants to receive about a caucus member, however, if she has abused the rules she should suffer the consequences.

Personally, I doubt this affair will end well for Eve Adams. I live in a neighbouring riding and have friends who received several contacts (political literature, etc.) from Adams, and have become quite irritated by her actions. I doubt she could win the riding nomination now, even if she’s given an opportunity to do so.

Moreover, given the wide publicity—mostly negative—she’s received over this episode and the fact she choosing another riding in which to run in the next election, I doubt she’d win a nomination battle in her old riding of Mississauga–Brampton South. Seems to me her political ambitions are about to hit the rocks.

Perhaps she can cross the floor to the Liberals—they seem to routinely interfere with local riding nominations.

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