Friday, March 7, 2014

Vile is as vile does

In its March 5 edition, The Pictou Advocate published an editorial cartoon comparing the Harper government to Nazi Germany. This vile abuse of free expression in the name of “satire” should not be tolerated in any fair-minded society.

The Pictou, N.S. newspaper featured a distasteful cartoon depicting a Nazi swastika flag flying over Parliament Hill as a criticism of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Economic Action Plan.

I have no argument over The Advocate’s right to publish such trash, but I do wonder at the tone-deaf and insensitive nature of their editorial policy. Consider for a moment the tens of thousands of Canadians who died at the hands of Nazi armies and bombs; consider the millions of civilian Jews who died at the hands of that loathsome regime. Now try to find one tiny grain of truthful comparison between the Nazis and any Canadian government.

Now read the explanation The Advocate has offered:

If our editorial cartoon in the March 5 edition of The Advocate has offended anyone, we sincerely apologize. It was certainly not our intention to offend our readers.

“The cartoon was simply meant as a satire, or exaggeration, on Harper’s Economic Action Plan and its implications for some segments of the community.

“We regret that the cartoon was not received in the spirit with which it was intended.

“The views of the editorial cartoon are those of the contributor, and not necessarily the views of The Advocate, as are all other views by contributors to The Advocate.

“From our editorial cartoonist is the following explanation:

“‘I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody. The use of the swastika was simply aligning the Harper government’s policies with the Nazis. The fact is, Harper has violated virtually every element of his platform which is taking away the freedoms and rights of all Canadians, especially the disabled and elderly. All Canadians, but especially the Atlantic Provinces, should be absolutely irate over the latest budget and announcements which are continuing to oppress the poorer provinces. That is why I used the swastika. There are no religious connotations, there is no anti-Semitism, there are no ethnic attacks, there is no racism... Just the suggestion that Canadian politics is heading toward fascism’.”

I don’t know if the above was meant as a response to federal Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s reported demand for an apology. I, as a Canadian, don’t want an apology from these people. I’d settle for them shutting up and crawling back under the rock from which they came.


  1. Should be mocked vigourously but not suppressed.

  2. I believe the reason so many people today are quick to call anyone they disagree with a "Nazi", is because they have absolutely NO idea of what that regime did,other than a few modern buzz words like "holocaust".

    My Dad was among the first soldiers who entered Germany at WW2's end, his outfit was attached to the British Army's elite engineering unit,the bridge builders.

    He,(and I ) was horrified by what he'd seen,he had nightmares of it for the rest of his life. And anyone who uses the swastika in any capacity, except in reference to the NAZIS, is an utterly ignorant FOOL, and yes, I did mean to capitalize that word.

    All I can say to that cartoonist is,"you stupid prick".

  3. How can you not offend somebody with that piece of crap cartoon. When a person, obviously not you, sees a swastika, the first thing that runs through their head, at least mine anyway, is the senseless murder of more that 6 million jews at the hand of Nazi Germany. It is hardly the stuff of satire. The Pictous Advocate and the as#hole who penned the insult should be ashamed of themselves and should apologize to ever Jew on the plant.

  4. Reminded me of the 2004 election when Stephen Harper said that Paul Martin supported child pornography. Vile and disgusting politics.
    Here is a link in case you don't believe Harper did this dirty and ugly act:

    1. What's you point, Anon? You seem to be suggesting the cartoon is OK because Harper did something bad. Good grief!

    2. Harper has always punched below the belt. It should come as no surprise that others have joined him in the gutter. A pox on all their houses. Until there is appropriate decorum and civil discourse by the PM and his cabinet it should be expected that his filth will be reflected back on him. My point is that this vile cartoon is on par with the vile political climate created by Harper, Van Loan, Polliievre and others.

    3. OK, Anon 1:33 AM. I get it. PM Harper is to blame…for everything. Brilliant intellect on display here, folks, and anonymously offered too.

    4. Ever wonder why as you travel east in this country, the greater the level of Socialism...the higher the personal tax rate, personal and public debt and HDS(Harper Derangement Syndrome) such that a crusading reporter from the blockbuster news maker "The Pictou Advocate" can insult the memory of the 50,000 young Canadians that died combating the evil NAZI regime and by comparison, alluding that our democratically elected Prime Minister is as bad as Adolph Hitler....and then has the stupidity to say“‘I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody. The use of the swastika was simply aligning the Harper government’s policies with the Nazis."..this is no laughing matter.

  5. They are all a bunch of lying s.o.b s who did mean to offend. And that is certainly not an apology.
    I was born in England in 1941 and suffered through bomb attacks by those NAZIS this paper obviusley supports. If that opinion offends anyone I am not sorry..

  6. The email for the editor at the Pictou paper seemed to have a block of some sort, my email came back undeliverable to her.

    1. Probably got too many e-mails for the system's server to handle, Sue. serves them right!

  7. So you got'em too up there in Canada . And they all have the same lame excuse when criticized and outted .
    "I didn't mean to offend anyone ....but ...I was just ....blah, blah blah ."

    Yea ,yea , yea .... I know's free speech . And it STINKS .