Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tories need to learn when to let gaffes speak for themselves

Justin Trudeau made a tasteless attempt at a joke in an interview reportedly taped last Thursday and aired Sunday night on Radio-Canada's Tout le monde en parle, a hugely influential French-language interview show in his home province of Quebec. Mr Trudeau’s attempt failed miserable and he’s been busy wiping egg off his face ever since.

Now one might think that would be good enough for his Ottawa opponents. But, no, our Conservative party had to launch a ham-handed ad hominem political attack on the popular Grit pointing out his gaffe. And in the process, they have managed to open themselves to accusations of politicizing the tragedy of the recent uprising in the Ukraine.

Lesson one: don’t make light of a tragic event that resulted in dozens of deaths. Lesson two: let the gaffe speak for itself, and don’t “spoil” it by chiming in with adolescent attempts to pile on.

In other words, let the media at large do the heavy lifting on this one. This, though, does not mean Mr. Trudeau’s ill-chosen words would not be fair game at a later time to show his apparent lack of judgement. It could perhaps be grouped with his statements uttered after the Boston Marathon bombing and his praise for Communist governments in an ad campaign questioning his skills needed for the office of prime minister.

As I see it, put some time between the Ukraine events and one’s criticism so one will not be considered gauche for politicizing a tragedy.

Oh well, another opportunity squandered.


  1. TangoJuliette sez:

    Snipers. On rooftops. Firing "Head and Heart" rounds into crowds of tens of thousands of men, women and children, demonstrating for freedom.

    To paraphrase your writings: "...As I see it, put(ting) some (very little) time, (no more than a few heartbeats,) between the Ukraine events and one’s criticism (is imperative) so one will not be considered (one of those 'helpful idiot pawns' of Russo/soviet imperialism, pretending to live in fear of being attacked as gauche 'for politicizing' a tragedy.)

    Oh well, (in remaining silent) - another opportunity, (to stand up against Putin and his minions,) squandered.

    Just call me Taras ~

    t.e.& o.e.

  2. Rely on the MSM to put light on Mr. Trudeau's gaffes? Surely you jest!

    1. Anon, I don't know what news outlets you watch/read, but the several I look at each day have been quite critical of JT, leading in part to his belated apology. So, no, I did not jest.

  3. Conservatives should spend their time making policy and governing. Instead, they waste time and money kicking their opponents in the balls over pissant stuff. This government, and Harper in particular, are very disappointing.

  4. In other words, let the media at large do the heavy lifting on this one.

    LOL Oh please. When it comes to Trudeau, when have they EVER done ANY heavy lifting? Expecting otherwise is a fool's game.

    1. Michael, I'll simply repeat a response I made to Anonymous 2:53 PM above: "I don't know what news outlets you watch/read, but the several I look at each day have been quite critical of JT, leading in part to his belated apology."

      We on the right know very well of the left-leaning bias of the media. This does not mean the media does not recognize a good story when they see one. They've been lots of negative feedback on JT's gaffe in the Canadian media...perhaps you've been travelling abroad?

  5. I do not think we can allow mr. trudeau to slink away
    if we do not condemn mr. trudeau's tasteless disgusting "lightening of a serious situation"
    we will be as guilty as mr. trudeau

  6. Sorry to say, TangoJuliette, that your 'helpful idiot pawns' is an unjustified characterization of Russ Campbell’s post. The post focused on the Conservatives’ reaction to Justin Trudeau’s ill-advised stupid “joke”. IMO, it was not intended as commentary on the Russia/Ukraine situation.

    I happen to agree: sometimes silence may be more persuasive than overblown rhetoric.
    -- Gabby in QC

    1. Gabby in QC, I think you captured the gist of my post very well. Thanks.

    2. I would hope that media would be all over any politician who comes out with something this tasteless. However, history and our liberal media friends have showed us over and over and over again that conservatives can't depend on that to happen fairly.

      I have no feelings one way or the other whether the conservatives did or did not milk things, or how it may or may not affect them come election time.

      If the liberal spinners and weavers are any indication we should be reading and hearing about how the conservative "attacks" are missing their mark any day now.

      - Chris