Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Citizenship Act reforms coming

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander has announced that the Tory government plans to renew Canada’s Citizenship Act with reforms to be proposed on Feb. 6.

The minister said the government will spell out some of the rules that will ensure citizenship has more value and that carrying a Canadian passport is respected.

I look forward to the proposals as I have believed for some time that citizenship is too easily obtained; and, for too many, obtaining a Canadian passport is simply a convenience and a “back-up plan” while they continue to live abroad without having made a meaningful contribution  to Canadian society.

One aspect of Canadian citizenship that seems not to receive enough emphasis is that with citizenship comes certain obligations. Citizens all seem to understand their rights. Too many, though, seem to believe they obtain those rights without accompanying obligations.

Here’s an extract from my Being Conservative page:

I believe Canadian citizenship, though a birthright, is also a privilege that confers equal rights and demands obligations—such as the duty to vote—from all recipients. I also believe Canadians who are serving in federal penitentiaries should have their citizenship and right to vote suspended for the duration of their term of incarceration. And those who take up arms against Canada or a Canadian ally (on the battlefield or in an act of terrorism) should forfeit their citizenship, as should any Canadian convicted of treason.

Below is a government supplied video announcing the announcement, but we’ll have to wait until Feb. 6 for the whole story I’m afraid.



  1. no Canadian should be allowed to hold dual citizenship.

    1. Yes some of them should!!! Canadian children born of Canadian parents serving abroad and paid by our Canadian government at the time of their birth.