Monday, January 13, 2014

Neil Young’s anti-oilsands/Harper rant

The rock star Neil Young claims that the Canadian government has “a huge problem with science and the understanding of it. …[and is] a government that is completely out of control, [and where] money is number one, integrity isn’t even on the map.”

This verbal assault was delivered by someone who is isn’t really Canadian any longer except by the accident of his birth. I, frankly, am not impressed. There’re plenty of problems in Neil Young’s chosen country—the United States—for him to solve before he comes to Canada to scream insults at our legally-elected government.

Young’s attack on our oilsands development and on our Conservative government was as savage as they are unfair. And it was particularly galling coming from someone who left Canada to move to another country all the way back in 1966. So, for over 45 years he hasn’t even lived in the country he claims to care so much about.

As far as I’m concerned, Neil Young has no skin in this Canadian game and is simply a Yank interfering in our internal Canadian affairs. After a quick trip through his country, one could easily identify enough environmental challenges to keep him busy for several lifetimes. We who chose to live in Canada and help shape this country do not need Neil Young’s interference or his bad-mouthing our government.

Neil Young could have made a good living in Canada—many others in his profession have done so—but he chose to live in the United States. So is money “number one” for him? He accuses: “Canada is trading integrity for money.” Didn’t Young himself trade Canada for money?

Damned hypocrite!

Neil Young, go home and take your nasty rants with you.


  1. Truth is always the first victim for the agenda-driven like him. One of my sons works in the oil sands as an engineer and has sent many videos to us, showing how following the extraction of oil in an area, the environment is restored at a much superior level through reclamation. So the result is a great improvement of the local environment and a product for us that allows the dishonest eco-loonies like Young to live the lifestyle they like. I am fed up with such baldfaced lies by these people and the useful idiots who blindly swallow their lies, when the truth is easy to verify.

  2. Thank you Russ for stating what many of us in Canada feel...go home Neil (and not to Omeemee!!)

  3. All of which give him the qualifications to be the next leader of the liberal party.

  4. Poor Neil . . . All those drugs have left him with more brains in his asshole than his head.

  5. this should shut neil young up

  6. sorry Russ it didn't open for me when I tried it.

  7. CBC has been pumping this in several stories, but never ask the obvious question: If the treaties aren't being honoured, what part of them isn't being hnoured?
    Knowing the CBC's political position, wouldn't that be the obvious subject to explore?
    But no, not a peep about that.
    They know damn well it's all BS but they are going to take our money and help spread this lie.
    A billion bucks a year....