Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is Justin Trudeau trying to scrape Liberal mud off his political shoes?

The leader of the federal Liberal party seems intent on ridding his party of potential contamination from sitting in the same caucus as the 32 senators who were appointed by previous leaders of his party.

CTV’s Canada AM website reports:

Referring to the Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright scandal, Trudeau said partisanship has been ‘a real interference’ to ensuring that the Senate remain independent of the House of Commons.

“So what I’ve [Trudeau] done is remove any sort of link or control by the Liberal Party of Canada over those formerly Liberal senators. And what that means is that the only people who get to sit in the Liberal Party caucus are people who were elected by the people of Canada,” ….

Curious, is it not, that Justin seemed to have a different value system back when members of the Liberal caucus—members of federal parliament, i.e., MPs—were caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar. When the recent senate scandal broke, there were a lot of Liberal MP pots calling Conservative kettles black, reminding us that they remained curiously silent when members of their own number were found to be doing more or less the same sort of things of which senators were being accused.

It never seemed to bother Trudeau’s sensibilities when three former Liberal cabinet ministers—Judy Sgro, John Cannis and Wayne Easter—had to repay a reported $175,000 in false housing claims. He didn’t disassociate himself from those guilty MPs, did he? Last May when then Heritage Minister James Moore pointed out in the House that three Liberal MPs had run afoul of the rules, I didn’t see Justin blush or squirm at his own hypocrisy. [Story here]

Liberal MPs have suggested breach of trust has occurred in the senate, but made no such charges when their own members did much the same thing. Liberal MP made “mistakes” while senators committed criminal acts, apparently. Liberal MPs had to pay back the money, but that’s not good enough for the senators. They must undergo an RCMP investigation and outside audit.

Justin must have had a road to Damascus moment sometime recently and decided to give his senate colleagues the boot.

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  1. The Audit is coming’ and afraid that the liberal senators some of them might be on the list of abusive spenders Trudeau though that by firing the liberal senators asking them to be INDEPENDANTS instead would save them from the Audit. IMO.

    When the coast become clear then the Independents senators will all be rehired as Liberal senators.

    BTW, since the media is NOT going to mention this:- PM Harper did bring to the HOC, a bill to reform the senate but THE OPPOSITION PARTIES VOTED AGAINST THE BILL.
    Before he( PM Harper) presented his senate form bill in the HOC, he first went before the Senate COMMITTEE to inform them of his intentions.(reforming the senate). (Thursday, September 7, 2006)

    To this very day, the MSM have not mentioned a word of this to the public.