Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dimming the lights

Dear readers, I’m closing the shutters and turning off the lights for an indefinite period here at Russ Campbell’s Blog. My passion for politics has cooled in light of events both at Ottawa and at Queens Park, where scandal dominates the news and partisan politics and seeking after privilege and insider favour seem to have taken precedence over doing what’s best for our country.

While this hiatus is for an indefinite period, it will not likely be permanent, and I’ll probably be back online in a few months. Until then, thank you, it’s been fun.


  1. Hopeful expectations outweigh all manner of sleazy political ploys but when hope wanes, it sure is hard to keep going forward. Is it a consolation that our American neighbours have it worse? The day you return to the keyboard will mean to me that Canada has good days coming.

  2. Sorry to hear that, we do need conservative voices, hurry back.

  3. to bad russ i enjoyed your columns and blogs. I agreed with most of them but not all or them but I had respect for that.

  4. Take a rest & come back. Your thoughtful commentary will be missed.

  5. I understand where you are coming from, I as well took roughly three months off from the blog and LTTE and it was refreshing. Had my IPHONE but utilized it ONLY for incoming calls from family/emergencies.
    As my travel vacation comes to a close, (i'm retired) so it's a permanent vacation "If and when I choose" it to be, is refreshing.
    A bit of pulse is returning and I have submitted a couple of items to the papers - hopefully they will go to print which will get me back in the groove so to speak.
    I notice the same-old, same-old are churning out the dialogue in the same fashion as before I left.
    Assuming that was the case while I was absent - some things never change, and I didn't miss it.
    Submitting one post should be sufficient, however some post numerous times on the same subject hoping it will change readers minds.
    Being consistently handcuffed to ones machine is obviously time consuming and must be a impediment to the user.
    Have a nice break and we shall see you on your return.

  6. Your constant shilling for Harper will not be missed. Try as I might I could never identify any true objectivity or fairness in your blogging. It is truly best that we part.

  7. Russ, any chance you'll be blogging again in 2014?

    Regrettably, Canada/Ontario's political environment hasn't changed much since your last post (could even be worse) - but we need citizens like you, diligently observing what's going on and provoking healthy debate to help improve everyone's situation.

    All the best, and hope you return from hiatus soon!