Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apparently, what’s sauce for the Roman Catholic and Muslim goose is not sauce for the Evangelical gander

Given recent statements by the federal New Democrats’ leader, Thomas Mulcair, one might see a Canada led by this man as a grim, gray place in which we all think alike, and in which those with opposing/differing views are shunned and shut-out of public funding.

What more charitable view could one take from the man’s pronouncement that the federal government shouldn’t fund the good works performed in Uganda by the evangelical Christian organization, Crossroads, because that aid organization stated on its website that it believed homosexuality is a “sexual sin” and a “perversion.”

Many Canadians—perhaps even most Canadians seem to believe homosexuality is a normal sexual orientation with lifestyle preferences and practices to be tolerated by all Canadians. This does not mean—at least I sincerely hope it does not—that every last Canadian must not only tolerate homosexuality, but must also accept it as a normal, and even, a healthy, moral lifestyle.

In my view, if one does not accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, then one should be free to express ones opinion that the practice is a “perversion,” which is to say it is one of those “types of human behaviour that deviates from that which is understood to be orthodox or normal.” [Quote borrowed from Wikipedia]

This freedom to express oneself does not, of course, confer on anyone the licence to discriminate against homosexuals in any unlawful way. That would be intolerable in a free, democratic society. But it is fair for any Canadian to hold homosexuality—meaning Homosexual acts—to be outside his or her moral code.

Many religions and their charities in Canada, and around the world, hold same-gender sexual activities to be incompatible with their moral code, including Roman Catholics and Muslims. Are they all to be denied government funding?

Moreover, Mulcair reportedly is himself a Roman Catholic, yet he has yet to speak out publicly that Roman Catholics’ views and teachings go “…against Canadian values. … against Canadian law,” as he said about the content of a Crossroads Web page.

Roman Catholics, after all, seem to share much the same attitude towards homosexuality as do evangelical Christians—at least at the organizational level—and should, therefore be treated equally under the law and by government policy or decree. When can we expect to hear the Leader of the Official Opposition’s pronouncement regarding the defunding of Roman Catholic charities?


  1. How abut government doesn't fund ANY religion? Ever think of that?

    1. Government does not "fund" anything, they redistribute the wealth pilfered from the citizens against our will.

  2. How can the muslums even hint at being against homosexuality when they are a main practitioner? Boytoy's are a staple in any part of muslum culture.

    They are as bad as the Catholic church that Mulcair is a member of.

    So lets just cut off all tax breaks and funding to any religious group and leave it up to their believers/followers to fund them.

    As for mulcair 2 more faces and he will be a cube.