Saturday, February 9, 2013

… and when will Tories end the dubious practice of dual citizenship?

The government, at least as represented by our citizenship minister, Jason Kenney, wants to rescind Canadian citizenship for those holding dual citizenship, if they engage in an act of terrorism like the recent attacks in Bulgaria and Algeria.

To that end, the minister proposes extending a private member’s bill sponsored by Conservative MP Devinder Shory that would withdraw Canadian citizenship from dual citizens who commit “an act of war against the Canadian Forces” to include an act of terrorism. According to Minister Kenney, these dual citizens would be deemed to have renounced their Canadian citizenship by engaging in such an act.

Makes sense to me.

But what does not make a whole lot of sense to me, is why Canada allows dual citizenship in the first place. To quote from a recent Andrew Coyne column in the National Post, “to be a citizen of two countries at once is the very definition of divided loyalties.”

Like many other Canadians, I am uncomfortable with the idea that some of our fellow citizens hold allegiance to another country and, indeed, actually vote in foreign elections and travel under foreign passports.

While I have retained a great deal of affection towards the two other countries of which I was once a citizen, when I became a Canadian citizen, I went all-in with no divided loyalties.

It’s a bit like marriage, isn’t it? You say “I do,” and forsake all others.


  1. It will NEVER happen! Why! The Charter of Rights and Freedom forbids it! Yep, thanks Mr Trudeau. Since 1971, Canada has erased our passed which was built on British common law tradition and Christianity. We now operate under the new concept of multiculturalism. This means that one can now come to Canada, keep your traditions, culture, language and religion then be a hyphened Canadian. If you’re a white Christian multigenerational Canadian then you must be a racists, imperialists and ethnocentric bigot.

  2. It is not that easy, as some past rules screwed Canadian diplomats. Be careful to tar long-term Canadians who are resident abroad with the same brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!