Friday, January 25, 2013

Fraser Institute ranked No. 1 Canadian think-tank

Isee where the Fraser Institute, for the fifth consecutive year, has been ranked as the top think-tank in Canada and 25th worldwide in the 2012 Global GoTo Think Tank Index published by the University of Pennsylvania and released January 17 at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

I’m a fan of the Fraser Institute, which self-describes as “one of Canada’s oldest independent and non-partisan economic and public policy research organizations,” and I often cite their reports when writing about public policy.

So often when I hear the Fraser Institute quoted on TV panel discussions—usually by a centre-right pundit—adversaries on the left will quickly dismiss the statistic or whatever as coming from an unreliable source. So much for that mischaracterization.

The 2012 Global GoTo Think Tank Index lists Fraser Institute as 5th in the world for Health Policy Research, 8th in the world for Social Policy Research, 20th in the world for Best Use of Internet or Social Media, 21st in the world for Most Significant Impact on Public Policy, and 22nd in the world for International Economic Policy.

Seems pretty authoritative to me. And here’s hoping the Fraser Institute continues their excellent research and publication; Canada is better for it.


  1. The Fraser Institute has no creditability whatsoever. They lie. In May of 2011 the F.I. released a sham report stating that the current immigration programs cost Canadian taxpayers over 20 BILLION bucks a year and “imposes a huge fiscal burden on Canadian taxpayers”!

    This can not be true and is a complete lie meant to deceive Canadian and implant bigotry into our great multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society created by former Prime Minister Trudeau.

    If this sham report had at lest an ounce of truth in it, don’t you think that Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephan Harper (who is the BEST PM ever in Canada’s history) would ever allow anything as fiscally dangerous as stated in this sham report to continue? NO WAY! Mr. Harper would, in a New York second, end any program that was not economically feasible to our country.

    Mr. Harper is a stand up leader that has revived the depressed liberal/socialist economy and turned it into a successful and profitable nation. Boo to the F.I. booooooo…

  2. Weak. "Sham" and " lie" is opinion, not evidence. That government didn't change policy after FI published implies in your view that the report is unsound. This is a peculiar view of our PM, that his support for a position makes it right.

  3. My comment obviously directed at the first commenter, Anonymous.

  4. Sorry Anon, but the only sham game in town is that our current immigration levels are cost effective and good for the country. Please feel free to present hard figures that show otherwise.