Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peggy Nash wants to micro-manage PM Harper’s security?

Apparently, given her druthers, New Democrat MP Peggy Nash would like to look over the shoulders of our nation’s security experts at the RCMP and micro-manage the personal security of our prime minister. Surely the Official Opposition is better than that. (See here for details.)

Does NDP leader Thomas Mulcair really believe the PM’s personal safety and security is the subject of parliamentary oversight where it will be politicized by partisans like Ms. Nash? If so, he should be ashamed of himself.

As most readers know by now, the PM is touring India on the serious business of international trade and investment, and the RCMP has decided he needs two specific vehicles to maintain his safety. Consequently these had to be airlifted to India at quite some expense.

But I say, so what?

Does not the PM of a G8 nation need a high degree of security when travelling abroad, especially to a country with a relatively recent track record of terrorist attacks on domestic and foreign targets? One need only to peruse this Wikipedia page to understand that India can be a very dangerous place, with dozens of terrorist incidents in the past dozen years.

And who would best protect a prime minister on a tour of such a country? Certainly not Peggy Nash or anyone in the NDP!

Certainly there are no shortage of files with which the opposition and Canadian mainstream media can play political games and wring out something about which the Tory government can be made to feel uncomfortable. So why choose this one?

Yet, BC Blue points out that the Globe and Mail, The Canadian Press and CTV seem intent on politicizing the RCMP’s decision to ship the armoured vehicles to the PM in India. They and the CBC have tagged-teamed sufficiently to give Dippers like Ms. Nash every opportunity to make political hay of the issue.

And don’t believe for a moment that costs are the NDP’s concern. That party’s leaders—the late MP Jack Layton and his wife MP Olivia Chow—ran up well over a million dollars in taxpayer-refundable expenses for a single year in office. Where were Ms. Nash’s calls for detailed explanations, transparency and accountability then? Readers should take a look at a Toronto Star article on MP expenses here, and check out the free trips the Dippers dream-team took listed here, and you’ll soon see that they do not hold any part of the moral high ground.

I say the RCMP should be free of political interference while carrying out its threat assessments and be free also to implement security measures it deems appropriate to protect our PM, and it’s a shame Peggy Nash, apparently, cannot see the merit of this position.



  1. Tommy should tell her she can have the job if ever he becomes PM, until then to wind her scrawny neck in.

  2. And the ran Bev Oda out of town over a $12.00 glass of orange juice. Was that her per diem expense for breakfast? Why didn't we hear about the cost of her toast and jam?