Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Former federal Liberal cabinet minister Joe Fontana charged with fraud

The mayor of London, Ontario and former federal Liberal cabinet minister, Joe Fontana, has been charged with fraud by the RCMP. The CBC reports that, following a two-month investigation, the mayor faces three criminal charges of fraud, breach of trust by a public official and uttering forged documents.

Serious stuff indeed.

The allegations go back to when Fontana was a Liberal MP, and  relate to a $1,700 cheque issued by Public Works Canada that was used to make the deposit on the 2005 wedding reception for his son Michael. And, according to reports by The London Free Press:

A former Marconi Club manager told The Free Press Fontana later produced a similar cheque for the $18,900 balance owing. He said he remembered the payment clearly because he had to chase Fontana six months to get it.”

I’m distressed to think that this man—innocent ’till proven guilty, I know—once held the office of federal minister of labour and housing. Moreover, he was a member of the government during the time covered by the allegations.

Remember when Bruce Carson, one of PM Harper’s former aides, was charged with influence peddling? Remember the outrage expressed by the Grits when that news hit the street? How outraged will they be about one of their former cabinet ministers now facing potential jail-time, I wonder?

I am disgusted when I think about the sort of government those guys were running for all those years. Fontana sat at the cabinet table, for goodness sake—no pun intended.

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  1. Sigh, same old, same old. A crooked politician and a crooked senator. These clowns all treat the taxpayer as a private piggy bank.
    Politics 101: politician + money = corruption.

    Powell Lucas