Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apparently being Alberta-first disqualifies MPs from being in Ottawa

The Liberal MP from Ottawa, David McGuinty, seems to believe that being Alberta-first disqualifies MPs from being in Ottawa. In his world, apparently, MPs cannot support their constituents’ interests and their local industries, because, in McGuinty’s words, “They are national legislators with a national responsibility…”.

What silly nonsense.

According to David McGuinty—Premier Dalton McGuinty’s brother, by the way—those MPs who strongly support Alberta’s energy industry are “shills” who “who lack national vision.” He added:

They really should go back to Alberta and run either for municipal council in a city that’s deeply affected by the oilsands business or go run for the Alberta legislature."

Are all Liberal MPs that bigoted against Albertans and their energy sector? Let’s hope not. I certainly would like to hear a clarification from those Grits who plan to contest the Liberal Party leadership as to how they feel about McGuinty’s statements. What a toxic environment they’d be in Ottawa if the Liberals formed a government the members of which shared this MP’s narrow views.

Same old Grits, eh? Anyone who doesn’t share their view should just shut up and go home. Funny, though, you don’t hear the Grits talking the same way about Quebec-first MPs, of whom so many have populated the Liberal party’s seats in the House of Commons for decades.


  1. What a load of rubbish! He needs to be asked to explain and to justify how the Liberals' pandering to Quebec was a national responsibility, to say nothing of the fraud and spending scandals.

  2. I’m a born and bread Albertan who has worked my whole life paying taxes. These taxes I’ve simply seen be funnelled out to eastern Canada. I’m SICK of hearing about Quebec and how much money they are demanding. I wish they would disappear off the face of the earth.

    All I hear daily is how much money Quebec wants, how Ontario hates the oil sands and how the Atlantic provinces are suffering from social inequality. Alberta has given around 6 million dollars to Quebec in aide and I’m SICK of it. I’ve said before that if Quebec won’t leave then Alberta should. Then I would take great pleasure in watching the crying easterners starve and freeze.

  3. David McGuinty has a map of Canada in his office stretching all the way from Windsor to Quebec City.

  4. McGuinty was only reflecting the opinion of most members of the Liberal party and, shortly thereafter,Ian Capstick an NDP mouthpiece was on the tube supporting McGuinty wholeheartedly. We in Alberta have long known that we are despised in the east because we won't toe the line on progressive nonsense. The eastern press and politicians continually go out of their way to denigrate Alberta. Perhaps this will smarten up Albertans whether native to the province or newcomers that this province will never be accepted by the rest of Canada as long as we think we have the right to choose a path that differs from that prescribed by the eastern elites.

    Powell Lucas

  5. There are 5 more months of this Liberal leadership campaign.
    This is only the first antiAlberta comment, there will be more once their token visitation to Alberta is over.

    They will put lipstick on the carbon tax pig, and aim it directly at our oilsands, but pull the triger from BC or Quebec.