Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America faces four more years under Obama’s care

The people of America have spoken and have done so loud and clear. The message to politicians—at least as I heard it—was, enough with hyper-partisanship! We don’t need a new set of politicians, so back to Washington you go and get things done, fix things, do your jobs.

I thought it was telling that folks looked so favourably on the image of New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie and President Barak Obama getting along and trading praise last week as they toured some of the hardest-hit areas of New Jersey soon after super-storm Sandy passed through that state.

No weasel words from Gov. Christie. None from the President. No partisan talking points or bafflegab. Just words from the hearts of two statesmen—America-first statesmen.

I believe the broad majority of Americans want to see the bipartisan spirit from the example set be these two leaders taken to the nation’s capital and used to solve very real problems facing America: the fiscal cliff, the budget deficit, the mounting national debt, not to mention unemployment, energy strategy and the increasing threat of Chinese hegemony.

Yes, Americans have spoken, but were the politicians listening? We’ll see soon enough.


  1. Sorry Russ - Obama is not going to reach out or compromise with political views that are not his own. That man lost last nite as did the USA.

    1. fernstalbert, why be so quick to judge? Why not give the man more than a few hours before writing him off. More than half the American voters seem willing to do give him a chance and so am I.