Monday, October 15, 2012

Nanos poll has the federal Liberals ahead of the NDP

For the first time since April 2012, the federal Liberal party is ahead in, at least, one poll, Nanos National Tracking. The Grits have gained 5.5 points over the past month to move ahead of the NDP and into second place and almost into a statistical tie with the pacesetting Tories.


Conservative 33.3% (+0.9)

Liberal 30.1% (+5.5)

NDP 27.9% (-2.5)

BQ 4.7% (-1.1)

Green 2.9% (-2.1)

Undecided 17.8% (+1.6)


These results represent only a snapshot in time, of course, and aren’t necessarily the start of a trend. For those who see a Quebec-dominated socialist party as a threat to future Canadian prosperity and economic security, however, it’s a good-news story.

Also encouraging is that Stephen Harper continues to lead all party leaders in the four categories tracked by Nanos. Moreover, he leads with a substantial margin.

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  1. Harper will be eclipsed when Justin wins the Liberal leadership. Enjoy the last days of the Harper era. I, for one, can't wait to see them end.

  2. Keep dreaming, Jen; Harper will be leaving under his own terms after a wildly successful career of winning, and winning, and winning, of leaving Liberal leaders shattered in his wake, and leaving Canada as the economic envy of the free (and not so free) world, as it is right now. His portrait will be hanging with the rest of the greats in Canadian the ever lasting chagrin of leftards everywhere. :D

    I realize that no party stays in power forever, nor should they. But make no mistake about it - Canadians will enjoy the fruit's of Harper's days a long, long time after he is gone.

  3. I your dreams Jen. Keep in mind that Nanos consistently OVER estimates the Liberal strength and under estimates the Conservative strength

    Rob West

  4. I love the fact that idiots like Jen are getting all gushy over Justin (siggggghhh he's soooooo dreamyyyyy!).

    Two questions for Justy: 1) What have you ACTUALLY DONE? - Sorry a resume that says "part-time drama teacher" really doesn't qualify for the PM spot.

    2) Would you vote for this man if his last name was Smith?