Monday, September 24, 2012

Warren Kinsella is spot-on about Ottawa’s reaction to flag flap in Quebec

The Liberal war room warrior Conservatives love to hate, Warren Kinsella, made some cogent comments in his Toronto Sun column regarding the shameless bit of small-mindedness engaged in by the newly-anointed Parti Québécois Premier Pauline Marois.

Kinsella points out how few members of federal parliament voiced more than tepid disapproval of the Parti Québécois’ recent decision to remove the Maple Leaf flag from official signing-in ceremonies of Quebec’s cabinet.

He’s pretty hard on PM Steven Harper and his Conservatives, of course, he always is. I’m reading his new book, Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse(Random House Canada, $22.95, Oct 2, 2012), so I’m becoming accustomed to over-the-top criticism of all things conservative and Conservative, and soft peddling when it comes to criticizing anything Liberal. (More on this book in a future post.)

In this case Liberal leader Bob Rae emerges unscathed, except by extension. For, unless I missed it, Rae has not said much about the Parti Québécois-flag incident and is not quoted in Kinsella’s column.

But I quibble. The main thrust of Kinsella’s piece is spot-on. The Parti Québécois is dishonouring our Maple Leaf flag while acting like, in Kinsella’s words, “small-minded xenophobes.” And the response from Ottawa are offerings of toady words or the taking of a hands-off approach.

Shame on them.


  1. Small children wanting attention throw tantrums.

    IF we ignore the PQ (and Warren's) tantrums they will eventually learn they need to change their behaviour to achieve results...

    1. Exactly,Warren and the PQ should have a private tantrum and leave the other 33 million real Canadians out of it.We do not really give a rats ass what the PQ does or does not do.And what Warren thinks,who cares.

  2. Why pick a fight about it now? Sometime in the future, there may come a time to win the war.

  3. i know harper is ignoring her, hoping that it will prove that she has no power. with separatism not being much of threat these days, his strategy may indeed work. what i worry about though is the fact that jean chretien ignored (or at least, underestimated) the crisis in 1995 which led to a very close call. on this one i wont rag on kinsella because i think this is a case of personal judgement.
    call her out and give her legitimacy while castigating her on her stupidity. ignore her and hope it shows shes powerless.
    its a tough call.

    brad maynard

  4. Kinsella attacked only the leaders of the Conservatives and the NDP. He deliberately allows Rae and Trudeau for that matter a free pass for their indifference.

    He implied that Dion was the leader of the Libs. Dion of course,is a past leader. Calling Dion the greatest PM Canada never had is ROTF hilarious. That one is right out of SCTV skit.

  5. Who are you kidding? Weshouldn't be ignoring it! We should be upping the ante! They remove a Canadian flag? We BURN 10 Quebec flags in response. How ELSE are we going to badger these assholes into separation?

  6. What "right"? He must mean fighting the "moderate". The moderate appeasing pro choice, gay marriage, anti death penalty, pro affirmative action, pro employment equity in the public and private sectors, pro political correctness, pro special interest group, Harper Conservatism moderate fool ya’ll into thinking he’s an actual Conservative type?