Wednesday, September 26, 2012

QMI Agency claims Justin Trudeau will run for Liberal leadership


A victorious Justin Trudeau | Picture credit:, Chris Wattie, Reuters

The Quebec-based QMI Agency is reporting that Liberal sources have confirmed MP Justin Trudeau will contest the leadership of the federal Liberal party. Sources, apparently, told the Sun News-affiliated news agency that the official announcement will be made at a press conference in Montreal next Tuesday.

So, anybody surprised? I’m not. Once interim leader Bob Rae—a formidable foe—stepped aside and announced he’d not try for the permanent leadership of Canada’s third party, the writing was on the wall. Trudeau, of course, had to make sure he had his ducks lined up and campaign finances in order, and had to test the waters to tell how strong his support would be in Ontario and the West. But, in my view, he’s been emotionally committed to a leadership bid for some months.

So what are his chances? By all accounts, extremely good for the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. So good, in fact, he may just scare off enough serious candidates that his bid will be a virtual anointment.

As cnews writes:

Trudeau brings star power to the race and has pundits and media speculating it may be more of a coronation than a knock-down contest between candidates. A recent poll indicated 70% of Liberals would like to see the former teacher in the party’s top job.”

It could be that the only other contenders will be Liberals who want to higher their political profiles and try to secure a power base to ensure an attractive critic’s portfolio in the Grits’ shadow cabinet.

Serious contender MP Dominic Leblanc is expected, in the next week or so, to declare his decision on whether he’ll run. And, of course, constitutional lawyer Deborah Coyne has already named herself as an official candidate. Interesting this, as Coyne’s child is reported to be Justin Trudeau’s sibling—that is, his father Pierre’s child.

Coyne is a formidable woman, but does she have the national profile to match her leadership aspirations? I doubt it.

Other potential candidates who may be waiting in the wings are MPs Marc Garneau, David McGuinty and 2006 leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay. But the one candidate who’d be certain to give Trudeau’s campaign fits is current Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, a genuine star and, to many here and abroad, a financial wizard. Too bad that his office reportedly is denying Mr. Carney has political ambitions.

I don’t have a good fix on Justin Trudeau. On the one hand, I see a rather callow 40-year-old opportunist with 150-thousand-plus Twitter following and an excellent speech at his father’s funeral, and not much more.

On the other hand, though, there is a good-looking fellow with an excellent political pedigree and enough spunk and pluck to win a seat in parliament and beat a bigger, more experienced man in a real life boxing match. I’ll not count him out, at least, not just yet.

Let the games begin!



  1. Trudeau will run and win the Liberal leadership. In the next federal election he will take a good share of the NDP's present seats, but not the do much damage to the Conservatives.
    Having Justin leading the Liberals will pretty much guarantee a third term for Harper, and quite possibly his second majority government.
    Thank you Justin!

  2. Lovely. Another Liberal PM. Now we’ll see Canada go to hell in a hand basket. There will be abortions, publicly funded selective abortions, massive immigration from Islamic countries, affirmative action, massive bureaucracy, the appeasement of Quebec and every public speech will be in French first, soft on crime approach, no capital punishment, same sex marriage, civil rights for criminals and none for victims……….

  3. Trudeau is considered a joke in much of francophone Quebec. He is popular with the West Island anglos and immigrants throughout Montreal. So it is no means a given that he will bring Quebec back to the Liberal party.

    Almost incestuous this race with Coyne and Trudeau running. What happened to Marc Garneau who at least did something with his life even if he constantly lies about Conservative policies.