Monday, September 17, 2012

Anti-American protests in the Middle East

The recent anti-American violence in the Middle East makes me wonder at the low level of provocation it takes to motivate Arabs—at least, many hundreds of them—to go out into the streets and kill people.

We are often reminded that not all Muslims are violent or extremist, but you certainly don’t find many of their leaders doing much to quell the anti-Christian and anti-American protests, even when they result in serious property damage and death.

I agree that not all Arabs or Muslims in general are violent people nor are they religious extremists. A large number of them, though, do seem to have a high capacity for intolerance. All this recent round of violent protest needed for provocation was a poorly made movie that originated in the United States, a country with over 300-million people.

Is the tendency to burn, kill and destroy so near the surface of the Arab/Muslim temperament that all it takes is a movie from an obscure source to set off bloody protests around the world? And during these times, every American, apparently, is to blame and can be held accountable—and, of course, it’s open season on anyone that could be considered a Christian.

There seems to be no sense of proportion. Killing and burning is the response to verbal insults directed towards Muslims—the very sort of insults that are routinely directed against Jews and Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Let’s hope that those who make immigration policy for Canada take head of recent events and do what they can to minimize these tendencies from being imported into our country.


  1. A few months ago, a Mosque In IRAQ filled with innocent people praying to their AllAH were blown to bits by a suicide bomber. No protest or outrage or gnashing of teeth against the bomber for abusing the Mosque where people pray was seen nor heard.

    Where are the protesters around the world for that incident?

    1. Apparently, Jen, only the senseless/insensitive acts of Westerners inflame their passions. There is always some excuse for Muslim on Muslim violence.