Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another good reason for de-funding the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation receives over a billion dollars in governments funding each year. That’s a billion dollars of tax money collected from hard-working Canadians who could have used the money more fruitfully than handing it over to those slackers at the CBC.

And why is this upsetting? Sun News Network reports that—unlike private-sector workers who, according to Statistics Canada, took 8.9 days a year in paid absences—CBC workers were absent from work an average of 16.5 days for which they were paid. That’s costing us taxpayers a whopping $18-million dollars each year.

According to Sun News, they got their information from a report covering fiscal year 2010-2011 prepared for CBC’s board of directors, which the QMI Agency obtained through Access to Information. A pretty reliable source, wouldn’t you say?

Apparently, the report lists mental disorders as the leading cause of absenteeism, the second leading cause being “musculoskeletal problems.” If it weren’t costing us a bundle, I’d get a good laugh out of this.

During the decades I worked in industry, the average in any departments I administered seldom exceeded one half day a month, 6 days a year. And, again according to Statistics Canada, public sector workers took an average of 12.6 days off, and they are not known as being the hardest workers in the land.

Federal funding of the CBC has ranged from $1.1-billion in 2006 to $1.14-billion in 2010 and 2011. Beginning this year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government will cut $27.8-million from this funding followed by a cut of $69.6-million in 2013-14 and $115-million 2014-15. I hope this downward trend will continue well beyond 2015.

Time, I believe, is running out on the CBC as a tax-funded business. Many would like to see the corporation privatized or, at least, have a severely reduced mandate.

How is it fair or efficient to have a tax-funded company going head-to-head with private broadcasters who have to pay tax, not receive it? Makes no sense to me.

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