Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An NDP MP’s serves-you-right moment?

The New Democrats’ political hit-man MP Pat Martin is seeking the public’s financial help to bail him out of legal bills that are, apparently, piling up after he was hit with a lawsuit for wrongly accusing an Alberta company, RackNine Inc. and its CEO Matt Meier, of electoral fraud.

In typical NDP fashion, Parliament’s mightiest blow-hard is asking others to pay for his imprudent words, as he tries “to raise $250,000 after the Winnipeg MP was sued for comments he made about the 2011 election robo-calls scandal.”

According to the Globe and Mail, Martin said his party has its own legal bills to cover so is not able to help out. “The party has its own case to defend,” Mr. Martin, apparently, told the Globe. “This is my [Martin’s]problem and I’m handling it as best I can.”

He isn’t really handling it, tough, is he? He’s got others raising money for him. In fairness, many weeks after making the offending statements, Martin did offer an apology on paper and in front of journalists—to no avail, apparently.

Frankly, I would not be surprised if the NDP, which is also named in the suit, isn’t ticked at him for landing them, unnecessarily, in an expensive lawsuit and is therefore refusing to help him out. Martin is definitely a fellow who needs to learn to be more prudent about what comes out of his mouth.

If members of the public are dumb enough to contribute their hard earned cash to get Martin off the financial hook on which he’s impaled himself, so be it. But he’s got only himself to blame, so I hope most will take a pass and make this loud-mouth—who sometimes acts like a bully while under the protection of the House of Commons—pay for his slander or libel, as the case may be.


  1. All Martin had to do was apologize when Racknine demanded one, but he refused. It was well over a month and after the suit had been filed that Martin realized he may have stepped into it big time and offered the apology. Martin thought if he gave the bogus apology he would be off the hook like he's done before. He needed to be taught a lesson and good for Racknine sticking to their guns

  2. It was not only racknine that Martin slander, but there was another agency in Ontario, their name escapes me at this time that was also slandered by Martin and the NDP. I have not heard whether they to are suing.