Thursday, September 20, 2012

Again, teachers are using students as pawns

Teachers in Ontario, for the umpteenth time, are using our kids as their pawns in a fight they have already lost. After years of pandering to the province’s greedy, spoilt teachers and other education workers and their unions, Dalton McGuinty’s government finally stiffened its backbone and passed Bill 115, legislation that freezes teachers’ wages for two years and cuts some of their benefits.

Not surprisingly, union leaders have asked teachers to withhold their volunteer duties and not be involved in extracurricular activities such as school sports. And so, as seems to happen in most teacher disputes, students become their pawns, their disposables, as teachers try to extract maximum amounts in wages, pensions, days-off and other benefits from whichever government holds office.

Teachers tell us they are only concerned on behalf of their students. What a crock! It’s all about themselves and to heck with their students’ welfare.

Teachers and their unions have been gaming the education system for years—under, of course, the guise of doing what’s best  for students. Let’s see, PA (professional activity) days, the expensive pay grid, paid sick-days and top-hat pension plans have nothing at all to do with students’ welfare, despite what teacher unions would have us believe.

Few things in our culture are as important to most of as our children’s education, and it’s too damn bad that teacher unions are allowed treat our education system as their private preserve and money teat.

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