Monday, May 7, 2012

Black’s back and I welcome his return


The return of Conrad Black (pictured) to his native Canada has been met with much criticism, mainly by those on the political left. The fact that Black renounced his Canadian citizenship sticks in the craw of many of us, but for many others it’s the fact he is a rich—some say arrogant and rich—man who came a cropper with the law and for whom no punishment is too great.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair thought blocking Black’s entry to Canada was important enough to raise the issue in the House of Commons.

Perhaps those folks don’t actually hate Conrad Black, but only seem to. Most have never actually met the man, but dislike him intensely nevertheless and want the government to bar him from the country.

His turning his back on Canada for something as silly as a British peerage did bother me quite a bit at the time, but there was an extenuating circumstance: Jean Chrétien. The former prime minister, out of pure cussedness, had blocked Black’s request to accept the peerage.

Anyway, Black has now decided to return to Canada, and I believe we should welcome him home. After all, he has served his prison-time, his wife and children are Canadian, he owns property here—and presumably pays taxes on it—and, most importantly, he has contributed enough to Canadian society before becoming a Brit to earn him the privilege of living here.

Now, let’s hope the press/media will leave the man and his family alone to carry on their lives in peace. Camping out at his residence seems pretty tacky stuff to me—there must be better ways for journalists to earn a living.

(Photograph credit: Ottawa Citizen, National Post)

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell



  1. I don't like what I perceive to be Black's personality, arrogant and entitled,seeming to believe he's above the law,but he has done much for the Country,for instance the National Post.

    Black is,after all the rhetoric, merely a minor white-collar ex convict, no danger to anyone,and a hell of a lot more welcome here than left/Liberal/NDP poster child Omar Khadr.

    The Left area vindictive bunch,like chickens in a farm yard,when one goes down,the rest peck him to death.

    Let old Conrad come home,it's really not important at all.

  2. there are better ways for journalists to earn a living, like skulling around the back of Rob Ford's house

  3. I am in the military and would die for my country. Black abandoned his Canadian citizenship. I have no time for citizens of convenience. HE can go to hell.

  4. Never cared much for Conrad Black. He is an arrogant narcissit of the highest caliber, and a convicted crook.

    However, he is still a human being, and in Canada (and Britain) he deserves equality under the law, so to bar him from re-entering Canada on the basis of "well, we just do not like him" just is not right.

    Let the scumbag back in. After all, he has done good things in his life as well.