Sunday, April 1, 2012

TKO for Trudeau over Brazeau

In what turned out to be much ado about nothing, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau, the widely acknowledged underdog, soundly trounced Senator Patrick Brazeau, a Conservative, in a much-hyped three-round boxing bout. It was an amateur affair—part of the Fight for the Cure event for cancer research.

Brazeau, who was favoured to win, entered the ring at a muscular five-foot-10 and  weighing 183 pounds. He has a martial arts background and served in the military. While the Montreal MP was three pounds lighter and four inches taller than Brazeau.

Trudeau took up boxing in his early 20s, sparring on and off in a gym over the years. He is  three years older than the 37-year-old senator.

Brazeau more than held his own for the early part of the first round when he landed several stunning blows to the taller man’s head obviously intending to knock Trudeau out. By the end of that round, however, Brazeau was clearly out of breath and looked tired.

From the start of the second round until the referee stopped the fight in third and final round, Trudeau had the upper hand, pounding his foe time and again in an unrelenting attack.

By the beginning of the third, Brazeau was clearly exhausted and offered little resistance to Trudeau’s attacks. When he seemed unable to defend himself, the referee mercifully called the fight.

With unseemly bravado, after the fight and with his nose bleeding, Brazeau said, “He didn’t get me down,” and challenged Trudeau to a rematch. Someone needs to remind the senator that not being knocked down is nothing to brag about when the referee has had to stop a fight to save your skin.

The good news is the bout raised $230,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The bad news is the television coverage by Sun News Network was the most amateurish I’ve watched in years. It turned a worthwhile event for the benefit of a worthwhile charity into a self-indulgent farce.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Sadly Russ I agree with your assessment of the Sun News coverage of the event. It was the network's night to shine and it failed miserably.

    One must remember the fight was initiated by the Shiny Pony which should have set off alarm bells. The much anticipated fight was clearly won by not only Trudeau but the ensuing PR and raised spirits of the nearly down and out Liberal team.

  2. Margaret Trudeau was at the fight cheering her son on,she wasn’t in BC where her mother and Justin’s grandmother had just died.
    Does media attention mean more to the Trudeau family than basic respect for family values?

  3. It was kind of lame.

    Really, how serious was Brazeau? ANYONE who has the chance to legally punch Justin Trudeau in his rich-boy, pammpered, silver spoon face and doesn't do it with complete energy obviously is a little too parliament hill comfortable himself.

    Now, let's have J.T. take on an unemployed, cement worker or grocery store clerk from Thunder Bay ON or Rosetown SK. and they would have been carrying daddy's little rich asshole out on a stretcher after the first round.

    The "little heir" bit might play well in Quebec where living off the hard work of others is a way of life or in "entitlement city" Ottawa but in the rest of the country the popularity of the part time drama teacher is not so assured.

  4. Brazeau got his butt kicked soundly. Trudeau surprised by his ability to take a punch,we have to give him credit for that.

    Brazeau says he wants a rematch. I suggest he make that tennis instead of boxing.