Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bev Oda’s what-could-she-have-been-thinking moment

The minister for International Cooperation, Bev Oda, MP for Durham in Ontario rose today in the House of Commons to deliver a mea culpa, but only after enduring a second day of being scorned by opposition imagemembers for transferring from one posh hotel to an even more luxurious one—and sticking taxpayers with the higher bill.

You’ve got to be pretty picky if you attend a conference at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel in London, England and don’t find it a good enough hotel to stay at overnight.

But, apparently, the five-star Grange hotel was not up to the minister’s standards for she chose to transfer to the Savoy, an ultra-luxurious London hotel that cost more than twice as much as the Grange.

Ms. Oda then tried to stick the taxpayers with the bill for the extra cost for the Savoy and the cancellation fee for leaving the Grange—and a whopping $16 she paid for a single glass of orange juice at the Savoy.

Doesn’t get much tackier than that.

As reported by the Globe and Mail:

Eight hours after the expenses of the London trip were revealed by The Canadian Press, Ms. Oda’s office announced she had reimbursed the fee difference between the two hotels, as well as the cancellation fee at the first one. She also paid back the cost of a $16 glass of orange juice.”

We then got the usual mealy-mouthed words from Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan, who said, “Our government believes very much that all ministers must respect taxpayer dollars. The minister, of course, has repaid the costs in question.”

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair described Ms. Oda’s reimbursement as “more damage control than an honest application of the rules.”

I’m with the Official Opposition Leader on this one.

It seems that hardly a week goes by without some Conservative cabinet minister giving us reason to shake our head. Perhaps it’s time for Prime Minister Harper to shake up cabinet and move some of these dullards out.

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  1. She didn't repay the cost of the limo, why didn't she use taxis or better still walk? The exercise would have done her good and I say all this as a tory voter.

  2. No question about it - Oda was/is an idiot. The sense of entitlement some of these people have is outrageous. Big fat salaries, tons of perks and they don't give a crap about sticking the taxpayers with the bill.

  3. I heard the first hotel didn't have smoking rooms.??
    Now I'd like to see the media do a break down on the expenses of the NDP MILLION + dollar couple's expenses charged to the taxpayers by Layton and Chow. Then we can all kiss NDP Svwen Robinsons ring.

  4. yet the Conservative's expense acct.'s are 15% lower in every area then the Liberals in 2005.

  5. "Perhaps it’s time for Prime Minister Harper to shake up cabinet and move some of these dullards out."

    Couldn't agree more. Oda is a repeat offender on this file,and Moore is stuck in 1955 regarding the service CBC provides the Country.

    Send 'em to the back of the House,to learn a little more about how to perform their role in government.

  6. I heard that Bev Oda could not get a smoking room at the original hotel and the one she eventually went to was the nearest that had a smoking room. As a smoker and knowing you don't stand outside in London streets to smoke I sort of understand her logic. Attending high level meetings would NOT be the time for her to try to quit don't you think?

  7. I've been a supporter of the various conservative incarnations for as long as I can remember, but I think they've managed to push me away. For a party that's only been in a majority position for a short period of time they act like the tired old Liberals of yesteryear. The litany of inappropriate behavior, the lack of true conservative initiatives, the ridiculous spin they put on every issue, and the distain they seem to hold for the public has gone too far. This has become a corrupt government and it's time for them to go.

  8. I guess Tom (Thomas) Mulcair knows how to play his cards right


  9. They - and all civil servants - should be allowed the same expenses as CRA would allow a small business owner. Granted, some of these conferences requie a higher level of accommodation than your local Quality Inn or Super 8. However, anything under the basic level of accommodation, meals, etc., required to keep up appearances - so to speak - should be personal.

  10. This has become a corrupt government and it's time for them to go.?????

    What a crock...this from the coalition of losers and the supporting media trying to fabricate anything that will stick to this most honest govt. this country has ever had.Now take a trip down Liberal memory lane...that's corruption.Judy Sgro anyone for starters. The NDP will never be the govt. so they can't be judged. Canadians have spoken since 2006 and picked Conservatives...get used to it.

  11. just to think that her staff would not be offended by her conduct is extremely stupid. it is time that we look very carefully at all
    expens-account of our honorable members.
    And Harper, where are you ? How come your staff can pull such corrupt behavior ? Ethical conduct this is not.
    Lets fire the b . . s !