Friday, April 13, 2012

Albertans get a clear conservative choice

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, left, debates Progressive Conservative leader Alison Redford during the Alberta Election Leaders’ Debate on April 12, 2012. | THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson.

The voters of Alberta are fortunate to be offered a conservative alternative to the current “liberal” government. True, Alberta’s ruling Progressive Conservative party is home to many of Alberta’s conservatives, but the progressive wing of that party seems to have a firm grip on the reins of power.

From all indications I’ve seen, PC leader Alison Redford is a liberal in all but party name. She talks like a liberal and her government spends like one. Fortunately, in the upcoming election, Albertans can choose the conservative approach to government offered by Danielle Smith, the smart, charming leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta.

Thursday night the two women squared off on a number of occasions during the Alberta Election Leaders’ Debate, and each did well enough to claim a tie as winner, easily outclassing the NDP and Liberal leaders, Brian Mason and Raj Sherman respectively.

For me, Smith came out ahead because her calm, confident performance showed voters she’s a credible candidate for the premier’s office and capable of holding her own in the Alberta legislature.

Polling suggest Wildrose holds a lead over the PC’s, but may not get more than a minority government due to the four parties splitting the seats. But that’s OK, remember how Prime Minister Steven Harper’s Conservatives worked their way into a three-term-and-counting position atop the federal political landscape.

Best of luck to Ms. Smith and her Wildrose Alliance.

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  1. It's not Wildrose Alliance. It's the Wildrose Party.
    Sure wish we had a viable conservative option in BC.
    Good luck Danielle.