Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We know Liberals are bad actors, time will tell if others are also guilty

The federal Liberal Party is, apparently, up to more of its dirty tricks. In February, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae apologized for a staffer’s personal online attack on Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. Now we find out that the Liberal campaign in Guelph, Ontario made illegal calls to constituents prior to last year’s federal election.

Furthermore, during the April-May 2011 election campaign, a man canvassing for Liberal party candidate and former Grit cabinet minister Joe Volpe was seen by a Green Party supporter removing Green Party campaign flyers from mailboxes and replacing them with Liberal materials. Note: according to Green candidate Paul Baker, “Mr. Volpe was nearby when the flyers were trashed.”

But back to Guelph. As reported elsewhere, the eventual winner in Guelph, Liberal MP Frank Valeriote, has confirmed that one of his campaign volunteers made an automated telephone call—a so-called robocall—urging people to vote Liberal because the Conservative candidate opposed abortion.

Valeriote admits he knew that the person who made the calls used a phoney name, “Laurie McDonald.” He admits also that the recorded message did not tell listeners it was funded by the Valeriote campaign. Apparently, election advertising messages must, by election law, mention the name of the political party that authorized them.

Obviously, the Valeriote campaign knew the call was not on the up and up, otherwise, why would the caller have used a false name?

It is instructive to note that, at this point, we have two cases of proven, admitted-to political dirty tricks—at least one of which was illegal. And, in both cases, they were perpetrated by Liberals. All other incidents are based on unproven allegations and hearsay.

This doesn’t let any other political party off the hook, of course, but it does illustrate that unethical, duplicitous, slanderous or illegal tactics are far too often employed by at least one political party and/or its supporters to destroy or diminish the effectiveness of its political opponents.

So far we know the Liberal party is guilty of the practice, time will tell if others are guilty also.

(h/t Blue Like You)

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  1. I suspect that there will be more stupid stunts revealed as time on. The Libs will look foolish but I suppose that ship sailed a long time ago.

  2. I am just fed up with the Ottawa/Toronto political media club. They have now had two full weeks to saturate the country with blaming Conservatives for the deplorable electoral shenanigans. Not one person has claimed an inability to vote on May 2nd. Problems yes but no actual effective vote suppression except ones finally admitted to by Liberals.

    Two full weeks to castigate and infer every which way but Sunday that Conservative have stolen democracy and the election. It is simply unfair.

    Elections Canada has finally admitted that some 30,000 so-called complaints were actually fabricated by the NDP backed online activist website called leadnow.ca but Elections Canada doesn't act concerned.

    When will an adult in the Canadian media finally point their shotguns at the despicable actions of the opposition parties. To read the twitter feeds of the Ottawa reporters it is like children in a candy store. They simply do not think the typical Canadian has the intelligence to understand this scandal and they deride anyone and everyone who would have the audacity to question them. Follow them to see for yourself.