Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video: NDP’s Pat Martin chuck’s Ian Capstick under the bus

This video shows New Democrat MP from Winnipeg, Pat Martin, displaying the most extraordinary example of  obfuscation I’ve seen in some time. Just after the 4:00 minute mark of the clip, Martin denies Ian Capstick has connections with the NDP.

Capstick, of course, appears regularly on television—including CBC’s Power & Politics—as an NDP spokesperson and has served as a press secretary to the New Democratic caucus and its leader, Jack Layton. Here’s an extract from his website:

Ian [Capstick] coordinated parliamentary training for MPs and staff of the New Democratic Party of Canada for three years, in addition to his role as media liaison and party spokesperson – having been quoted widely for the New Democrats in Canada’s media.”

Starting near the 05:35 mark Martin says Capstick “has nothing to do with the NDP … his [Capstick’s] association with our party was a couple of months years ago.”

Martin seems also to deny Robin Sears’s—former National Campaign Director for the NDP—well known connection to his party.

Watch the video and decide if this MP is playing fast and loose with the truth.


(h/t A CAW Worker's Voice Of Reason)

Except video © 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Pat Martin looked puzzled after Dean repeated that his statements were "bold faced lies".

    I noticed both NDP and Liberal MP were not referring to illegal activity by private companies either.

    Evan did impress me with his question, but he did not follow up to land the ko'd.

  2. Ian Capstick spent his time 'running down the conservative party and now Pat Martin is 'running down' Ian Capstick who spends most of his promoting the NDP.

    Both Sears and Capsticks are made a joke by foul mouth PAT MARTIN.

    Will Ian CAPSTICK and Robin Sears 'throw PAT MARTIN' under the bus.

    Or, will Ian Capstick and Robin Sears bow to PAT MARTIN, ignore him, pretend that they are still for the ndp or remain mute to Pat Martin's comments because ther are afraid of PAT MARTIN.

  3. This is nothing but the CBC manufacturing an alibi for when this RoboFaux hoax turns on them. They need little snippets like this to say “We talked about this and even asked Pat Martin some hard questions about it”. It’s pure diversionary propaganda.
    But you’ll notice that there was no mention of Avaaz, the smelly foreigner outfit from New York that’s interfering in Canadian affairs. That’s because they could be heavily involved in directing this coup attempt from south of the border.
    Meanwhile, south of the border we have these Vichy Regime Opposition parties and their Toronto media collaborators ready, willing and able to undermine Canada and the millions of Canadians who didn’t vote the way that these Prog supremacists wanted them too.

  4. Oops! Make that "Meanwhile north of the border.."
    On another note, may I suggest that your readers watch the Sun News clip that Dr Roy has posted on his blog. It's called Robo Complaints and has Krista Erickson and believe it or not, an honest journalist named Eric Duhaime. It's an absolutely brilliant interview.

  5. its George soros doing and the liberals are going to eat crow