Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tories believe Rae will be permanent Liberal leader?

The Tories seem to believe that Bob Rae will become the permanent Liberal leader whenever the Grits get around to officially dropping his “interim” label, which, apparently, they have done in news releases and by-election advertising in Toronto.

This will account for the recently launched “attack” ad, Bob Rae wants to be Prime Minister.

According to cnews.ca, “Rae calls the Tories ‘jerks’ for trying to ‘smear’ him in the way they present his record.” That report quotes Rae as saying, “[c]haracter assassination is a way of life for these [Conservative] guys.”

Of course, it’s never character assassination if it’s true and shown in context. And I’m pretty sure Rae understands that.

Here’s the new ad. Enjoy.

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  1. Quit telling the truth you jerks.

  2. If the CPC wanted Rae to run against they should have kept this in reserve until such time as Rae was nominated/annointed (or whatever the heck liberals do to select leaders). I would expect this to provide support to other leadership contenders who badly needed someone else to point out the obvious about Rae's leadership 'qualifications'. Perhaps that was the point and may delay the liberals coalescing around a leader which would mean that the CPC's brain trust is merrily perking away.

  3. \Rae had to have done outstanding for Ontario to be embraced by Paul Martin.
    I notice that Paul Martin is nowhere in sight to talk about the man he chose to welcome into his liberal party.

    And I feel that Rae after doing what he did to Ontario and is now a liberal things will go smoothly for him which it did. The media remaining quiet suppressing the public from any knowledge to Rae's Ontario devastation made it easier for Rae to run down anyone it suited him particularly the conservative.

    Well, there is a time for everything and this is one of them.

  4. That's no Attack Ad.
    That's a Laugh Ad.
    That's right Bob, we're laughing at you.
    How can you blame us for that? After all, you're the buffoon who did that soft porn stunt with that CBC flunky.

  5. Russ

    I don't think it's a matter of Bob wanting to be leader, as much as no one else may want the job now.
    There is another scenario that should be considered, this may be part of a bigger plan to merge with the NDP.
    Bob said (apparently) that he wants to be leader, he also promised he wouldn't run for leader of the LPC. That does not keep him from running for leader of the Liberal-Democrats.

    1. I agree that a merger could come in the future, but it may take one more Tory win for a full unite-the-left movement to force a merger.