Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tomorrow’s Memories… March 3rd, AM edition

Hat Tip

Today’s news stories are tomorrow’s memories — h/t to the websites offering todays’ News & Views …

Andrew Coyne: McGuinty's oil-sands comments aren't wrong, just irrelevant … premier dad wrong again

RackNine sues Pat Martin and NDP for $5 million … nice!

Blue Like you: Let’s all take a breath

The Economist: Dirty tricks, but did they work? … only in Canada, eh?

Omar Khadr — The Enemy Within … (Video)

Migration through marriage just got harder … thanks Jason Kenney

Cohn: McGuinty sounds like Romney and Santorum when it comes to taxes … and that’s not a good thing.

BBC presenter, Jill Dando, gunned down on the doorstep of her home … didn’t know TV hosting could be so dangerous.

BP reaches £4.9bn Gulf oil spill deal … hmmm

Costa Concordia captain was not wearing his glasses … [sigh]

Facebook in new row over privacy … again?

Putin faces a Russian Spring

Belize rolls out royal welcome of rum and dancing

Burka brigade: wives take up arms for the Taleban

Chain of Avoidable Errors Cited in Koran Burning

UK government plans to privatise police

Netanyahu warns against renewed talks with Iran

New England’s High Stakes Vote

Obama calls Georgetown law student attacked by Limbaugh to offer support

Mark Steyn: America's longest war will leave no trace

Can Europe Be Saved?

Was Breitbart prophetic on Occupy?

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