Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thomas Mulcair: lukewarm victory speech but excellent interview

Mulcair in interview by Peter Mansbridge | Clip from CBC video

Thomas Mulcair made a somewhat pedestrian victory speech after securing 57.2 per cent of the vote on the fourth and final ballot at the NDP leadership convention Saturday in Toronto. He beat former NDP party President Brian Topp and is now the new leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition.

The convention moved from lacklustre speeches and poor time-management on the part of some leadership candidates to about as slow a voting process as I’ve ever observed. At one point voting was totally shutdown as officials rebooted the computerized system in an attempt to foil what may have been a possible denial of service attack.

The results of the fourth ballot were announced finally just after 9 p.m. ET, with Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair taking over the role left by the late Jack Layton.

Then there was the surprisingly low voter turnout. Of about 128,400 eligible voters, slightly more than 64,000 voted in the first round. That’s only about 50 per cent.

All in all a long, boring day capped by a boring victory speech by Mulcair. The Outremont MP did, however, redeem himself in an excellent interview by Peter Mansbridge to close CBC’s live coverage of the convention. Mulcair said the right things and said them the right way.

Question: Where were the Canadian flags—or even a single Canadian flag? Some flags were, according to a party official, in some of the videos shown during the two-day event. None were in sight anywhere in the hall, however. The same official said words to the effect that the flag was imbedded in the NDP logos visible around the hall, which of course, it wasn’t. An orange coloured maple leaf is in the logo, but that’s hardly the same thing.

Sad to say, isn’t it?

To the lack of Canadian flags onsite, add the fact now-leader Thomas Mulcair felt he had to augment his Canadian citizenship by adding French citizenship. Makes one wonder just how committed these new Quebec-first Dippers are to our country, coast to coast to coast.

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  1. Your last paragraph says it all.

  2. So by virtue of lefty math, Mule-care isn't really the leader of the opposition, because he only got about 25% of the votes.

  3. HOw many voted on the last ballot, I think it was around 59,219. Are we to assume that those voters were denied access or more likely, the members could care less. Considering the opposition has tried to make hay out of the number of voters who did not vote for PMSH how about the fact about 75% of the ndp membership did not vote for Mulcair at the end.