Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shocking news: public servants accepted freebies

The QMI Agency has uncovered details of professional misbehaviour on the part of federal public servants. Apparently, “[t]he winner of more than a $1 billion in federal contracts lavished free horseback rides, denim shirts, harbour tours and golf tournaments on public servants who evaluated competing bids” for lucrative relocation contracts in 2002.

These revelations remind us ordinary folks how the other side—public sector—behaved under the Liberal governments of the 1990s and early 2000s. 

The QMI report tells of bid-team members attending “gala dinners” and “Christmas luncheons.” Nice work, if you can get it, and you could get it when the Grits were in charge.

(h/t Bourque Newswatch)

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. You should have been around when DSS (supply and services) was doing the spending in the 70's and mid 80's. Liberal / Conservative gots dont really matter when it comes to govt cash.

  2. Boy I would love to get my hands on the records of every department during the Chretien Trudeau years.It would probably make adscam look like sunday mass.

  3. Conservative ministers set the tone and the civil servants see guys like McKay at the trough. The conservatives are terrible at oversight. These guys are a joke. If they used their election cheating skills maybe they could dupe Canadians that nobody in government is at the trough.

    1. You make me laugh, Anon 5:16. The Conservatives were not in office at the time. Jean Chrétien was the PM at the time. But nice try smearing the Tories.