Monday, March 5, 2012

Robocall affair: a political scandal or an orchestrated progressive media campaign?

The robocall affair seems more like a media campaign orchestrated by progressive political actors and their mainstream media cheering section than a major political scandal on a par with, for instance, AdScam. Such belief in no way lessens my concern over what is alleged to have gone on in Guelph, Ontario during the 2011 federal campaign.

I am, however, unconvinced there was voter fraud elsewhere—at least, to any measurable extent.

Consider for example that one organization alone,, has apparently sent (as of Mar. 5, 2012 at 4:15 P.M.) 39,897 e-mail messages to Elections Canada with reference to “We need answers and real consequences for Robo-Call election fraud.”

Are these emails included with the more than 31,000 “contacts” Elections Canada has reportedly (as of Mar.2) received? I hope not since these were initiated by an organization with deep progressive political roots—these are not unbiased citizens simply concerned with Canada’s democracy. Their game is to damage the conservative movement and embarrass, smear and defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

And what of the protests last weekend in Vancouver or the one on Parliament Hill today? Who organizes them? By the way, CTV’s host Don Martin Tweeted a report that only about “30 people” protested on Parliament Hill today.

We still have more questions than answers.

(h/t Stephen Taylor & BC Blue)

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  1. I think the media and liberals have been trying for 6 yrs to pin something on the CPC that would get adscam and sponsorship out of our thoughts. Wont happen, just like the NEP killed any hopes for libs out west.
    Notice the ndpq keeps mentioning sponsorship, to remind us.
    And those watergate wanna be guys will never be as famous, or have a movie made about them. Considering that the majority of the occupy group and other rioters and protesters haven't a clue about Nixon. He was long dead before most of them were born.

  2. I know it does not lessen your concern about what has actually gone on with regards to these calls, however, I would argue that it does lessen the concern of the average Canadian. As they listen to the opposition, and their media friends who are more than willing to convict with no evidence, these same reports become less and less credible, leaving Canadians no choice but to tune them all out.


  3. Elections Canada issued subpoenas in Guelph, Edmonton and Thunder Bay, if I am not mistaken. Not the media or the Liberal Party or the NDP.

  4. Robocall from the burner phone have also been identified in at least one other riding, Windsor-Tecumseh, Ontario

  5. "Are these emails included with the more than 31,000 “contacts” Elections Canada has reportedly (as of Mar.2) received"...I suspect that these e-mails are the sum total of the contacts EC has received.

  6. It's a pretty sad day in Ottawa when we see the Shafia mass-murdering for 4-Brown muslim girls via Shariah law on candian soil while the NDP and Boob Rae now lust for Power and obsess with a robocall hoax backed by the faux-news at the State's broadcaster CBC that ignores the Liberal guilt in the ORNGE/e-Health/OLG theft for millions of tax dollars and the recent Election-fraud by McLiar who hid the true debt crisis and chose to be bought-off by the Unions to stay in power.
    Arrest them all, and start sending these weasels to jail to send a message the Pyrammid scams can no longer be used to buy Election with tax dollars.

  7. "Their game is to dam­age the con­ser­v­a­tive move­ment and em­bar­rass, smear and de­feat Prime Min­is­ter Stephen Harper’s gov­ern­ment."

    They have already failed - I think this shall broaden and galvanize support for the con­ser­v­a­tive movement and our government.

  8. Quite a scandal. Almost as big as the one involving the 'long census form.'