Thursday, March 1, 2012

Premier Dad defends school officials who called authorities over child’s drawing of gun

Afour-year-old draws a picture in a Kitchener, Ontario school of her father with a gun. “That’s my daddy’s,” the little girl told her teacher. “He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.” Astonishingly, this simple act gets her father handcuffed, strip-searched and jailed.

This clear case of overreaction on the part of school, child services and police authorities is being condemned far and wide as excessive, but not by Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Mr. McGuinty, it’s widely accepted, sees himself as the “education premier” and owes much of his support on last October’s voting day to an expensive advertising campaign financed by teachers’ and other public sector unions.

Suffice to say, therefore, that I’m not at all surprised he’d support his team of school and child services officials against a single Kitchener family with only a vote or two to offer at election time.

On a related thread to this story, a school board official has defended the decision to report the drawing, saying teachers were “co-parenting.” This is exactly the sort of presumption and overreach that leads to unnecessary, unsolicited intrusion into the private affairs of families across Ontario.

The little girl’s family deserves better—they’ve had their rights trampled on.


(h/t Moose and Squirrel, Blue Like You)

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  1. Premier Dad knows that his decision to hold teachers to a wage freeze,including a grid freeze and the end of banking sick days will not sit well with them. So he rushes to a microphone and says what a great job they did in Kitchener! Methinks the two situations are linked.

  2. Well, there's the answer to Caledonia...forge a piece of paper with a drawing that says "my daddy's a native warrior and takes over other peoples lands"...

  3. He has to be one of the most ignorant and incompetent premiers to date. It is even more mind-boggling that Ontario voters have returned him three times, especially since along with Bob Rae he has the record of destroying Ontario's economy.