Monday, March 26, 2012

Ontario’s top court clears way for McGuinty to open whorehouses

The Dalton McGuinty Liberals must be celebrating news today that Ontario’s highest court has struck down the bawdy house provisions of the Criminal Code as unconstitutional. With the province of Ontario already enjoying a virtual monopoly on booze and gambling, it can’t be long now before Premier McGuinty opens a string of whorehouses to flesh out his “sins” portfolio.

The appeal court also lifted the ban on living on the avails of prostitution—pimping—except for those who do so “in circumstances of exploitation.” Fortunately for Ontario’s near-empty coffers, this should make it possible for McGuinty to levee taxes and fees on any who use the province’s new services.

He’ll have to be careful, though, when advertising this latest deficit-fighting scheme lest he run afoul of the law against communicating for the purposes of prostitution, i.e., solicitation, for that section stays on the books.

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Another source of tax revenue - wonder if the good citizens of Ontario will do their part in reducing the deficit. lol

  2. Why bother having all the expense of silly elections and even a parliamentry body? Simply let the judges cherry pick which laws ought to or ought NOT to be on the books.

    I mean think of all the money we'll save having our intellectual betters on the bench make all our decisions for us.

  3. The unelected courts (judges) have struck down the criminal code as being un-Trudeavian... The Trudeauvian cult, formally Canada, strikes again. Pathetic.

  4. maybe he can have them attached to the casinos.

  5. I know that the Conservative federal government lead by a strong moralistic and conservative of Mr. Harper will NEVER allow this to take place. Mr. Harper has openly disapproved of same sex marriages, abortion, he has expressed support for the death penalty in certain cases, and he has expressed support for the U.S. effort to liberate Iraq (shoulder-to-shoulder speech), just to name a few. Mr. Harper has true moral family values and we as Canadians are blessed by God to have him as a leader. Mr. Harper is a true gift from God intended to free us from the tyranny of the former liberal corrupt immoral political machine! God Bless Mr. Harper and thank you for protecting our morale Canadian values.