Monday, March 5, 2012

Nanos Poll: NDP support slip, slip, sliding away …

The latest CTV/Globe/Nanos Poll (Feb. 25 – 29) suggests the robo-calls “scandal” has not begun to take a bite out of Conservative support. The New Democrats under their ineffective interim leader, Nycole Turmel, are now in third place behind the Tories and the Grits.

The Liberals have become the de facto official opposition both in the House of Commons and in this national poll, though the Dippers still hold the lead in Quebec.

Here are the results:


Conservative 35.7% (0.0)

Liberal 29.5% (+1.9)

NDP 25.0% (-0.2)

Bloc Quebecois 4.9% (-0.7)

Green 3.4% (-1.1)

© 2012 Russell G. Campbell


  1. Russ what do you mean not yet, the Robo call MSM PPG Bogus scandal is a national freak out manufactured by the Liberal midea, severely normal Canadains dont give a Sh%^ about it,
    its the economy knumbskull

    1. The 1st poll in April will provide an indication of whether you're right, Anon 05:27. I'll hold judgement 'till then.

  2. An inch deep and a mile wide - it was all about Jack's charisma. The ROC is not impressed with the Quebec-centric focus. Unfortunately for the NDP, Canada is not obsessed with Quebec and Quebec's place in Canada. Cheers

  3. As it should be, with the exception of the Libs who are likely less than the 29.5% due to the fact they are taking a beating in the HOC daily and cannot achieve any type of traction.
    Crying wolf and scandal is likely to run your party into the ground over a long period of time - Canadians just plain don't want to hear it anymore as they are sick and tired of the the daily tirade by ALL parties.
    For its part, EC is no saint either and they have been known to screw up continuously and we all know where that leads as well.