Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Light sentencing shows callous disregard for victims

The quality of Canadian justice has been diminished by the pathetically light sentence passed Tuesday by a Manitoba provincial court judge on former junior hockey coach Graham James for sexual attacks committed against two young teens, Theo Fleury and his cousin Todd Holt.

Judge Catherine Carlson sent James to jail for two years, and, of course, he’ll be eligible for day parole after serving six months and full parole after eight months—a third of his sentence.

This case involved multiple victims and prolonged sexual attacks over many years, and yet, for that, this evil creature could be back on the streets in eight short weeks [Correction: months]—very likely less than a day in prison for each incident of sexual abuse. And this for an individual who has shown a repeated pattern of molestation of vulnerable victims.

How can justice have been served here?

James was convicted on two counts of sexual assault and will serve his two-year sentences concurrently in federal prison. Concurrently? This means that one of the counts of his heinous crimes does not matter, and that, in effect, he has only to serve one of the prison terms and even then only a part of it.

Todd Holt, one of the victims, called the sentence, “a national travesty.” He could fairly have added the words “national disgrace” to his reaction and still come up short in condemning this sentence.

I am so angry about this callous disregard to James’s victims, I’m at a loss for words.

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  1. Lets face it, the courts are now forced to go light on the same-gender rapists as opposed to the demands by the men-hater feminists that all heterosexual males are evil and when they rape a child it is THEN a serious crime to be jailed for and in a long sentence in prison.
    I am sick of seeing so many homosexual-pedophiles get a kid-glove treatment by the Courts and the CBC, but it doesn't end there because while the CBC loves to attack Christian pedophiles the CBC will not attack the recent spate of pedophile Imams being arrested for assaulting same-gender muslim children.
    When the PRIDE-Police stand by and allow naked males in the TNT group to expose their penis at little chidlren on Yonge street.....we saw mayor Miller and Dalton actually join in the Parade to infer they endorse soem forms of Child-abuse and quasi-pedophilia.

    Shame on the whole lot of them ,and at the rate that Judges give light term to same-gender pedophile makes me infer that the legal system has a Dirty secret they want to keep hidden which may be the high rate of closet-pedophiles or users of Kiddie porn.
    What a perfect scam to use the legal Robes to hide behind just like the pedophiles used the catholic Robes to hide in and access children, execept in this case the lawyers and Judges run the Courts and would NEVER rat on each other or help the Public rid the Courts of pedphiles. No pedophile-friendly Judge would ever give a sentence that they would not like for themself if they were caught for the same crime.

    1. Anon 10:54,

      I didn't intend to prompt an anti-gay rant. I don't see this as anything other than one judge not giving an appropriately tough sentence for a heinous crimes. You seem to harbour a lot of resentment towards homosexuals, Roman Catholics, the CBC, etc., I am not comfortable with any of this so please do not leave comments like this on my website.

  2. Anyone want to bet that the sentence would be much more severe had the victims been girls? That should not be the case, but it seems that male victims are not taken seriously by the courts, or at least by this judge.

  3. Once again,a Judge brings the administration of justice into disrepute.

    The Crown asked for six years,I can't imagine why the Judge refused their request. It's too bad Judges are unaccountable,to anyone.

    Theo Fleury's suggestion of 27 years was,I thought, more appropriate.

  4. Holier than thou judges trying to show the duly elected government and those squalid little (ugh) voting peons who elected them who REALLY runs the country.

    How dare those uneducated peasants even THINK they can dictate minimum sentences to the all wise all knowing all benevolent gods of the bench?

    Keep it up judges. People are getting pissed off.

  5. Six months seems reasonable to me - as long as he serves it in General Population at Kingston...

  6. You just wait and see what the Harper government is gonna do about it boi! Just wait and see what happens when this tough on crime omni bus thing goes through! You just wait and see what will happen to the next guy! just wait...and wait...and wait ....and wait.... and wait....and wait....and wait.... and wait.....