Thursday, March 8, 2012

Has Rush Limbaugh fallen under the blade

For so long has Rush Limbaugh operated on the razor’s edge of conservative politics, it was a mere matter of time before he would slip and injure himself, metaphorically speaking of course. Rush slipped on his own ill-chosen words and few, if any, prominent Republicans are rushing to his aid.

On the contrary, Rick Santorum dismissed Limbaugh as an “entertainer,” saying his crude comments about law student Sandra Fluke were “absurd.” Other Republican leaders have been as critical. Carly Fiorina called Limbaugh’s comments “insulting,” and House Speaker John Boehner said they were “inappropriate.”

This reaction may seem rather tepid, but two or three years ago such criticism would have been met with a storm of calls and e-mails from conservative hard-liners in support of the talk-show host. Few dared criticize Rush even in the mildest way.

So, has Rush Limbaugh’s clout diminished to the point he can now be admonished in public without regard for the terrible political consequences that might befall he who dared to be critical of the great man?

Diminished, perhaps, but his radio show is number one in the nation and continues to draw 15- to 20-million listeners. With this bully pulpit, Rush Limbaugh will continue to be a powerful voice among conservatives, and elected Republicans will continue to curry favour with him.

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  1. RUSH:

    I know that many of you are spending a lot of time -- God bless you -- on the Web doing what you can to express your support for the program. And judging from the reaction of my own brother, who sends me a note last night, "You really lost 28 sponsors?" No, we have not lost 28 sponsors. "Well, how can they say it?" Because they lie and because they don't understand how it works, and that's what I want to try and explain. In fact, folks, we have three brand-new sponsors that will be starting in the next two weeks. Now, obviously, I'm not gonna tell you who they are today, but we've got three brand-new, full-fledged sponsors starting in the next two weeks.

    Two of the sponsors who have canceled have asked to return. We are being very careful about that. Not gonna give you any names here. One of them is practically begging to come back. Everything is fine on the business side. Let's take the claim that we've lost 28 sponsors. Sponsors on this program are both local and national. We deal with the national sponsors on this program. We have 600-plus stations. They sell their own commercials. We don't have anything to do with those sponsors. We don't get paid by those sponsors. We have no idea who those sponsors are.

    Let's make up a company, ABC Widget Company. And let's say that ABC Widget Company says, "We are no longer going to appear on the Rush Limbaugh Show." Well, ABC Widget Company isn't on the Rush Limbaugh Show. What happens is, advertising agencies order advertising buys on a series of local stations from market to market to market. A controversy like this erupts. They put out a notice to the stations, "By the way, for the time being we don't want our commercials run when Limbaugh is on." But they are not canceling their advertising on the station. They're just saying they don't want it running on my program during the local affiliate's commercial time, not ours.

    So this 28 or 32 -- and I don't even know if that number's accurate, numbers are coming from Media Matters. There's no way anybody could know this, but I'm gonna put it in further perspective in just a second. What it means is there have been -- let's use the number 28 -- 28 advertisers who none of us are aware are even advertising on our local stations who had sent out orders that their commercials are not to run on my program. But that is not revenue to us. They are not our sponsors. They are not even canceling their advertising on the local station. They're just saying for the time being they don't want it run from noon to three. And let me tell you, this happens every day. It's been happening for 23-plus years. And it's not just to me. There are clients, advertisers, that tell stations, "I don't want this to run in Beck's show. I don't want it to run in Hannity's. I don't want it to run in Howard Stern's." It's all part of the business.

    But because there's a focal point on this in trying to dispirit you and trying to present a picture of this program that doesn't exist and that's untrue, they're trying to make it sound like this is unprecedented -- that it's never happened before, it's at an all-time high -- and it simply isn't the case. We have not lost 28 national sponsors. There are not 28 advertisers who were paying us who aren't anymore. They are local commercial buys. Many of them may not even be running in my show to begin with. The advertisers are just saying, "If they are, pull 'em. We don't want 'em in there for now," but they're staying on the local stations. These advertisers are not abandoning EIB affiliates.

    Nobody is losing money here, including us, in all this.

  2. maybe sunnews can pick up rush limbaugh and Glenn Bec TV