Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warning: progressives trying to overturn Conservative election win

The Blazing Cat Fur blog has posted a video of a segment from Sun News’ show, The Source, hosted by Ezra Levant. What progressives are calling “Robocall Election Fraud” is little more than a well-financed, well organized attempt to smear the Conservative Party of Canada and its leader, Prime Minister Harper.

These accusations could very well be serious breaches of election law and, if proven, could lead to jail time and cause long-term damage to the Conservative brand. Canadians are fortunate, therefore, to have Sun News add some balance to the reportage on the subject.

Mr. Levant does a fine job of putting the largely invented political crisis in perspective. This is terrific stuff and well worthwhile watching if you haven’t already seen it.

(See video here.)

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  1. Yes indeed, thank goodness for SNN, for otherwise we would not be able to get any real Canadian news other than through the internet.